04 May 2012

Blogging for Growth

Why Blog ?
Its Easy, Most Effective, Almost Free
Blog arrived as a Big respite for enthusiast who were bogged down with the Technical challenge(s) of not knowing the know-how of uploading their Ideas, views,opinions about a particular topic and impediments of putting forth their views, Opinions, Ideas to visitors online.

The Opportunity:

As days passed Technology made Blogs very much user friendly, Blogs took away all the significance and fear that came in the non technical Groups of people. It was a Boon that was simple yet effective for Virtual sharing and Communication.

Any lay men with minimal knowledge was able to set up his/her Blog.

The Problem:

There are millions of blogs out there that covering thousands of varied topics—e.g. Marketing , that is, the marketing of blogs—and blogs about Web marketing strategy using blogs. Its difficult and yet challenging at times to find and locate the Best Blog article from the wired maze of  numerous online blogs  

Blogs are now maturing, moving up the value chain to keep themselves most interesting, useful, and influential  amongst other Web blogs .

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