24 May 2012

Prioritizing Your Digital Channels

An Individual often gets confused What to use...when to use and How to for promoting their Products and Services on web.....

Some of the digital channels are given below. Though its not the entire list but some major channels are being covered.

·         Blogging
·         Micro blogging
·         Search engine optimization 
·         Social network participation ( G+, Face book, LinkedIn)
·         Email marketing
·         Social media monitoring & outreach
·         Pay per click 
·         Blogger relations
·         Video marketing 
·         Social media advertising 
·         Online/digital public relations
·         Affiliate marketing 
·         Corporate web site 
·         Viral marketing 
·         Free content (eBooks, white papers,Research reports, Downloads etc)
·         Online communities/forums 
·         Branded micro sites 
·         Webinars
·         Podcasts

How to select:

No one can give the confirmed and exact answer as it entirely depends on the product and service that one intends to promote and the demographics of the Target Market.

One has to do a bit of Analysis and needs to have Birds eye view of the Marketplace before choosing the channel.

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