18 May 2012

Using SOCIAL-MEDIA for Products & Services promotion

Social-media has captured the Hearts and Brains of the masses by grabbing no 1 Position in Online World Today.

Find a good place to showcase their products, services and web sites for free online world is a dream for everyone - Facebook made it a reality. With nearing a billion Facebook users and thousands of online communities to choose from, Facebook has brought many potential customers closer to you.

Did You ever THINK....How can Facebook,G+, Linkedin ,Twitter  help us in internet marketing. 
 Marketing is much more than just create a profile on Facebook. Keeping your fans engaged is key. Do not sign, but are they want to be part of the community. In this article I will tell you about how to use Facebook means to increase their customer base, as well as keep the ones you have!

Can You afford not to have your presence on Facebook,G+, Linkedin ,Twitter ???
 by creating a profile for yourself or your business, you can create your identity. It will take you a long way in developing relationships with other people and places your business. These profile allows you to communicate with people on a personal note, especially if the local store. Here are some aspects of the profile:

The Picture Profile: always put the right foot, which is using the most flattering picture as a picture in your profile. No matter what they say, is a book considered by its cover. I stumbled on the card MAC makeup and I thought it was very catchy colors on the face. Hundreds of people are indifferent very little free time will decide whether you add into the picture. Therefore, make sure you get it right!

1 Add members:(Likes for your profile pages)  After creating a profile, you do not wait for things to happen.Adding new members every day the word will spread that you are on Facebook.Before you know it, you will begin the day by taking friendship! However, be sure to add more than 25 to 30 people a day, how much can add your profile removed from Facebook.
the wall: This is your main platform for communication with users of Facebook.Posting on the wall and comments on the activities of friends, but only if it is relevant.Coffee once commented on my status, when it was something to eat. A! Personal relationship built two! I knew that I wanted to visit the site frequently. However, make sure you are not a spam every other day, or may remove you from their friends list.

Photo Albums and Video output: Photos and videos are a great way to showcase the latest collections of the product. I know that many people wanted to see what is happening behind the scenes in photographs or in Baker makes his magic in the kitchen. Moreover, the first thing that most Facebook users are updating the photo checks. So take your camera and start shooting!

2. Fan Site: Facebook pages, known as Fan Pages, designed for companies, brands, companies, products known Week This allows members of the public, other organizations to create a genuine public presence on Facebook. You can encourage users to fans on the page and share information with them to upload photos, videos, status updates, and hosting discussions featuring wall position.Unlike profiles, Facebook pages are visible to everyone on the Internet that are generally better long-term relationships with the readers of your fans or customers.

3. Events: Simply put, Facebook,Linkedin and G+ events can help you connect with your audience, and invite them to your actions, even if they are your friends list or any of your fans. Events can be created separately, or profiles pages. I like that Facebook gives you the opportunity to receive public and private events.

Let me explain the difference. I got an invitation from power Alanis Morissette Unplugged acoustic concert next month, though not a "friend" or "FAN". This is an open invitation for a public event where anyone can access the page and confirm.However, if you want to keep an exclusive guest list, select the "private" checked off events will not be visible to all, except those selected. If you plan to celebrate the launch event or milestone, "private" allows you to selectively invite and provide more information on this site can not be accessed by others.

Next step: How to Use Facebook,G+, Linkedin ,Twitter for Marketing
 Social media marketing is still in its infancy. I see this as an advantage that many fixed rules, you can try and experiment with methods and techniques. However, if you do try it, here are some tried and tested methods to ensure success:

5. Being unique Stay update: There is nothing more boring than bland website Facebook. Add a fun personality to your profile. If possible, try to create applications that only your page. Offering something else, come back, but instead had to wait for updates from you. If you check Dell's Facebook page, you will see that it maintains its status updates, and provides new information about their products and technologies.
With a large profile picture: 
 size does not matter?
 Using the profile picture is one of the best ways to brand your Facebook page. 
Facebook allows images to wide x 600pix 200pix as high profile sites and images. In this way, stand out. Look at  facebook page of people you know and admire and you know what I mean.
7. Tag pictures fans: You can tag your photo fans new collections, or even ask them to identify themselves as part of the game or competition. Lenny Kravitz uploaded photos from his concert in Italy in 2009, and asked everyone to identify themselves. It had good advertising to be labeled as an update appeared on the walls of the fans.
8. Exclusive landing page for users: Use different sites to target different groups of people. Take, for new users to encourage them to "like" to you, or have been interesting enough to return. Friends / fans can be turned into an outlet or game pages may interest them. Profile Red Bull is designed with a hint of users, "like" pages, while fans are taken directly from the wall. You can get an innovative design and landing pages focusing on different people.

9. Rewarding loyal fans: Promote loyal followers to join your site, to reward.Cards or badges as a "member of the month, which can be placed on the visibility of their profiles can be provided. A satisfied customer is on Facebook can give you a lot of attention. Remind users like and share information about you. When their friends see updates on Feeds, with most likely to do the same.
10th. Using competition and Surveys: strong competition to encourage fans to communicate directly with you. Domino's "show us your pizza" is a competition where people can send photos of Pizza Domino commands. The best photos will be selected by Domino and photographer will be awarded $ 500 chance to get his picture featured in advertising. It got a lot of attention Facebook users.
11th. Actively participate in off the page: Find Facebook pages and other related industry or topic with Search Facebook and begin to actively comment on their posts and updates. It's a great way to build relationships in your industry, and adds credibility to your business. If you are willing to offer free advice on communities and discussions will encourage people to check their website.
12th. Facebook ingredients of social integration on your site: When I go to the CNN website, I see what stories my friends "liked" or what movies my friends "Recommend" on IMDB. Button as your site allows users to share a page from your site back to your Facebook profile and recommendations button allows users to design their own personal Web pages they like. There are many similar buttons, comments, etc. LikeBox flow of life that can add to your website. With this, you can see for yourself what your goals like design and product / service accordingly.
You can also integrate Facebook Connect plugin on his blog that Facebook allows users to comment on his blog without registering. Response make will put on the wall, which will be instantly visible to all your friends. So you actually have a lot of exposure too much!
 Category: Market with Facebook, you can buy and sell anything through registration services. Market application page displays all the latest lists of their networks. The difference between ordinary and market lists is that you do not see a list of other boring business, but are also updated on the site. For example, sales would have come up with a list of new features like "John recognized abstract art." In this case, John may be a "friend" or even a friend of a friend. You can find out what people want, what they offer and how you are connected to these people on Facebook. This is what the page looks like this:

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