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Ignite your Website

Let us be absolutely Clear and authentic that the very purpose of we having the website is to make us Grow....either by no of people visiting it ... Knowledge and some basic skills surely helps to have Traffic and make us grow in Business(Products/services)  through our websites.

One can consider it Absurd or  coupled with numerous challenges but just keep your Head open to some of the Ideas that I am sharing here. Just have a look on the right side of  any blog, then you will see ads and billboards, and when someone clicks a purchase through these links the owner of Blog earns some money, which is a basic site monetization. When you click on ads and I earn money, it sounds cool, but it is not easy, but if you do what you know you will not only be able to earn some money, but you will also be able to boost your SEO efforts and reach new heights s organic traffic, let's see how you can achieve.

So what is the basis of monetization with affiliate and AdSense, you need links to your si…

Is Your Organization Cyber Smart? Bill Damare

The next attack on the U.S. may be launched from a personal computer or laptop. Although the attack itself would bear little resemblance to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the effects of a digital assault could be devastating. Within just a few minutes, air traffic control systems, power stations, hospitals and refineries would grind to a halt. Colossal gridlock would trap millions in dark, powerless cities. As water and food supplies become affected, civil unrest will follow. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has stated that the effects of an all-out cyber assault on society would be catastrophic. The FBI's top cyber cop Shawn Henry said in a March interview that companies are taking heavy risks by operating vulnerable networks.
Former White House National Security adviser Richard Clarke once wrote, "[It] is the public, the civilian population of the United States and the privately owned corporations that own and run our key national systems that are likely to suffer in a cyber-war.…

Is Mobile Learning Right for You?

Article by Lisa Toenniges
The trend toward adoption of mobile technology is sweeping the learning and development industry today, but it's not the right solution for every need. Many questions need to be asked before committing to mobile learning: Is it the correct solution? How will it be delivered? Do I buy it or build it? These are decisions you should make carefully, based on rational, need-based criteria. Using mobile for learning must be right, not just new and cool. Mobile Learning Versus Traditional Learning At its most basic, mobile learning is about providing precisely what information workers need, when they need it, where they need it. It's about learning that directly supports job performance, anywhere at any time. It's about context; information that can be targeted to the work's current location or situation. It's about interaction and communication; the worker can give information as well as take, create, manipulate and share it. And it's also a…

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