Growth by Learning Digital Marketing!!!

Digital Marketing is Experiential in Nature though it starts with an Ideation but whatever Product/service one intends has to have  “learning-by-doing” course, where the bulk of the activities in class are focused on doing project work, as opposed to passively sitting and listening to the lecture. 
We believe that you should be practicing the kinds of things that real professionals do, day in and day out.  Most professionals spend very little time in Learning new Things related to their field, doing homework that is thrown away after it has been turned in, or investing untold hours studying for exams.  Rather, most professionals spend a great deal of time working with others to produce deliverables.  These activities are usually done in small groups.  To do your work well as a professional, you have to do preparatory work on your own, be prepared to work in a group setting, then finish, review, polish, and submit the work to your client. Analysis is hardly done with no time left for it.
The Crown of this course is a collection of projects, all of which must be done during the Course-period.  Some of these projects have detailed sets of requirements and instructions, while others are more open-ended. Some projects are due early to be done Individually, and some are Group Work.  
The amount of work required for each project is not small, and most will require more effort than you will be able to do on the night before it is due.  This is precisely the way things work in the real world, and that is why these projects were designed this way.
To be successful, you need to skim over all of the provided documents and figure out what you must do, and when it must be submitted.   list of assignments should be used as a checklist as you figure out what you need to do and when it needs to be finished.
A number of these projects come complete with step-by-step guidance about what to do and when to do it.  Others are not as specific.  Your job is to figure out what you need to work on individually; when the class will be working together on parts of these projects; and when you need to do thing so that you can meet the deadline. Consider trying to turn in assignments early to avoid last minute stress. We believe that you are capable of figuring many things out on your own, so trust your judgment and put forth your best effort. And remember that your professor is here to guide and mentor you, so don’t be shy about asking for assistance.

Digital Marketing  professionals know that nothing remains constant, and that the only constant in this world is change.  It’s not just  learning to survive change but mastering change Ongoingly and use it to your advantage.

 The System, process and methods of this course will help you do this, while the material we cover will help you come to understand nuisances of Digital Marketing field and how you might become a part of this dynamic and ever-changing field.

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