15 July 2012

Google Panda and Penguin

Very few webmasters create and execute a comprehensive strategy to increase the visibility of their websites on major search engines. It’s a known fact that the search engines regularly upgrade their algorithm to provide users with more relevant and fresh information based on the search keywords or phrases entered by them.

Search and search engine is a synonymous with Google now. The new word coined we no more say “search it” we just say “Google it”.  Updates and Upgrades to Algorithm has been vital for various reasons

1. New Technological updates. Faster and accurate search and lastly  so called Experts tend to make use of their Expertise in wrong way, manipulating their expertise. Google ensures itself to be a step ahead of SMART gang of webmasters. search algorithm changes done by Google within last few months have made it challenging for a website owner to avail the best search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Check out for the content duplication on your website.
-Check the quality and percentage of your links.
-Remove any sponsored links that don’t include a text description next to it.
-Periodically check your web master central for errors and flagged items.

-Ensure you have a mix of keywords in the incoming links (especially in the anchor text)

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