Leadership in Digital era

The Digital Domain has transformed and Impacted the Leadership Concept.
The Mobile and Internet Technology have brought tsunami to the Boardroom challenging established roles, responsibilities and competencies of leaders.

According to the 2011 "Cisco Connected World Technology Report," 56 percent of workers feel most productive away from their office. While three out of 10 college students view working remotely as a right rather than a privilege, How to be effective in Dealing, handling the onslaught of New Mobile workforce in Organization culture today?

60% younger generation are unwilling to be responsible and accountable or protecting corporate information and devices thus posing a big question for cyber-security Experts in the Organizations.
Front-line leaders are trapped amid this growing divide and will need skills, Attitudes and Knowledge to bridge this gap.

social media technologies is influencing in a big way as to how Employee think about Employers and their involvement. It  have given the individual a platform to Express their thoughts and ideas to flow without qualification or restriction.

Hallie Janssen, CEO of Anvil Media, a social media marketing firm explains that Coaching and collaboration are key tools to engage social-savvy Employees.Customers, potential buyers have numerous opportunities to Recommend, rate products/services, blog their opinions or seek advice from peers as they engage in the buying process.

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