19 July 2012

RSS feed the Catalytic agent of Promotion

Why is RSS feed Vital?

Conversion of Visitors to Subscribers is essential as we webmasters invest lot of time and money to get people on their blog or website. Retaining them for longer enhances our chances of Success.

Online visitors are becoming SMART now they just do not subscribe to anything, they are choosy, just want to subscribe to the feed they see as an advantage. Giving online guests the benefits of subscribing to our feeds and clearly showing them its benefits ensures a high success rate and the number of subscribers to our channel.

Placing the RSS feed ICON in prominent Visible place:

 Most of the sites/blogs  as you can see that the button RSS feeds are not visible. Thats because they hide in the bottom or covered with ads. If you want your viewers to submit their channel and subscribe button, and then put them in places where he can see. Many of the most well-liked blogs have put the RSS-feed at the top of the page. If you are using a blog, you can also use the options in an area where one element ends. Also note that graphics are more powerful than text links. If you want your visitors to see your feeds, and then do not post links. However, instead of large, colorful images to help them write. If you look at them, you can enter different kinds of images. If you are not creative, you can submit your own version of the image. However, make sure that they are close to the famous design button RSS. This is due to the fact that people still associate with a traditional button RSS.

Have  flexibility in terms of the nature of the subscription offer, so rather than just a standard RSS subscriptions, one can also have e-mail option, so subscribers can use their e-mail address to receive updates. most visitors still opt  e-mail, it is a proof of the fact that the new method of distribution is still prevalent.  subscribers get exactly what they want, giving them a choice in terms of updates and combines the power of e-mail to your channel.

Our goal is not just getting more traffic, to be successful , one must focus on adding  new subscribers and retaining Old ones regularly maybe making them share too if possible. Just Think.... how many return buyers you can get if you have a list of the thousands that are waiting for new updates on your channel?

The real beauty of RSS feeds that which should not be underestimated - it is a small investment of time and bring Big Benefits in the Long run.

So what are you waiting for ....Go run make your RSS more appealing...Lucrative....Enticing and Symbol of Growth on your website/Blog.

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