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Mobile Training

Does one really need to Learn Mobile Applications vis Trainer or Institute?

Mobile by its very inherent Nature has caught the Limelight of people Globally. Just see the number of Gadgets it has replaced in last 10-12 years. If you have had any experience reading news about online or online studying lately, then you notice that how everyone is referring to Mobile learning. 
It seems that with the rapid development of the smart mobile phone industry, and the relevant development in product processing, people are getting hooked to the concept that studying need not be restricted to the academic setting but ventured to arena of space, interval.
With 3G and 4G relationships, with wireless sneaking its way into just about every cafe, and with Online connection available on many air carriers (in the days to come), making the  accessibility material — truly — everywhere.  Let’s take a look at some of the strategies to make Mobile learning a truth. First, the obvious: the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s A…


Best SEO Training Institutes Globally? No one has ever done or dared to ask and/or answer this complex question. Everyone Think...Assumes they are the BEST. is there anyone who has evaluated...Graded the Training Experts Individuals or Institutes? Google Webmaster Academy is one of the most prominent infosite
The Gap: With the huge rise in Awareness about of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its ever increasing importance,  standards and certification related to it are buzzing in the Digital World.The fact is as of now there isn't any industry-recognized standards or certifications that qualify an individual or entity as an "SEO Certified Professional." An Opportunity: Though there are numerous well-credentialed establishments who are offering their SEO certification. e.g.  Bruce Clay, Inc. Matt Cutts on SEO certification  Currently in Marketplace industry central body is SEMPO. They also offer various levels of certification. …

Hiring the Right SEO Person/Company

With the ever growing emphasis  on the internet marketing it has become essential to be modified with the world wide web marketing styles and techniques and to have extensive hands on on the internet marketing technologies .

 After all, the objective is to appear on the major search engine places like google, Google, MSN among others. Most organizations despite being aware of the value of SEO tend to stop their investment techniques on search engine optimization which results in almost no on the internet existence of the organization. One must realize that SEO needs time-money-intelligence investment because the continually changing Algorithms. It is a lengthy process and if one supports with it for years it surely will result in a lengthy lasting profit. 

One must do a thorough analysis on the internet before choosing the a SEO company; generally most of the organizations get drawn to the company that are quick to do or Fly by Night companies. 

It is vital that you comprehend and study …


SoLoMo name emerged/derived  from hyperlocal search, the IP mapping of PCs that provides users searching for local information with results in their area. SoLoMo refers to the recently available mobile version of these local search engine results.
The  geo-location technology ( GPS) has come out to be more accurate than local searches on a PC/laptop. This technology has enabled both users & Business owners where they are  ( location) and find Search (information about nearby places). SoLoMo is the evolved, more precise and mobile hyperlocal gaining its importance being an Effective tool. 
The future Development ,production and use will only be of smart devices, SoLoMo is completely transforming Operating. Businesses and consumers are delighted with the integration of social media, geo-location technology, and the use of mobile devices. 
Here and Now: Gone are the days wherein we used to do Market research followed by detailed analysis and then come up with a convincing stra…


Creative Visualization: 

Its an Illusion or some mind trick or Brain washing???

If we look around, we will observe many professionals accomplish something in their carriers primarily because of their ability to think differently or innovatively.Today, every organization has a dream to have workforce that can come up with fresh and better ideas. The most unusual fact about generating ideas is that it doesn’t happen with hard work alone, it desires more than absolute thoroughness. Thus, if you too encounter necessitate of ideas quite often, here are a few guidelines for you:

Immense concentration It is very important to be completely focused on an issue or a problem to think creatively on it. To ideate well you require extreme deliberation, so dodge interruptions while you get ready to think. Therefore, Search for a quite place and just fasten your mobile to stable your wits.

Elasticity in thought On occasion, the strange ideas might produce amazing result, so don’t sack a proposal just becau…

Mobile Apps

Why there is Hype around  Mobile Apps?

There are approximately 6 billion Smart Phones in the world (more then there are human beings), leads to the irrefutable conclusion that…‘The Future is  Mobile’.

Out of 900+ million  users, 300+ million are accessing Facebook via a mobile device, a need, and an opportunity to educate the business community about them. The intention of this post is to simplify Mobile Apps in order for any business owner to be able to make an educated decision on whether the Mobile application market is worth getting into, or not. In the Mobile App realm there are 2 broad kinds of apps: 

Mobile Apps Development

1. Creative/Unique  Apps: These are the “idea” apps usually  fresh and innovative. e.g.  Taxi Meter App. This App calculates the fare as you travel between locations.  SIRI, the Iphone’s intelligent personal assistant who is designed to help you get things done simply by asking it. The major disadvantage of conceiving, Designing and Developing an App apps is HUG…

Disadvantage of Tech use by Terrorists.

Learning from India

The recent Happenings in Assam, India is a Learning for entire world of how the False rumors of Muslim revenge attacks that was fueled by threats posted on social media websites and spread through text messages.coupled with Misleading cellphone text messages and other social media messages being circulated on Aug. 15, with warnings that Muslims would attack students and migrants from northeastern India.
 Threatening text messages also warned that northeastern Indian migrants would face reprisals if they had not left the area resulted in the exodus of over a lakh of students and professionals towards their home town. Helpless Govt could do very little and that too Late.

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90 percent of organized terrorism on the Internet is occurring on social media websites. “The most advanced of Western communication technology is, paradoxically, what the terror organ…