08 September 2012

Disadvantage of Tech use by Terrorists.

Learning from India

Hamas has a Twitter Account
The recent Happenings in Assam, India is a Learning for entire world of how the False rumors of Muslim revenge attacks that was fueled by threats posted on social media websites and spread through text messages.coupled with Misleading cellphone text messages and other social media messages being circulated on Aug. 15, with warnings that Muslims would attack students and migrants from northeastern India.

 Threatening text messages also warned that northeastern Indian migrants would face reprisals if they had not left the area resulted in the exodus of over a lakh of students and professionals towards their home town. Helpless Govt could do very little and that too Late.

90 percent of organized terrorism on the Internet is occurring on social media websites.
“The most advanced of Western communication technology is, paradoxically, what the terror organizations are now using to fight the West,” Weimann said

Indian Government sources said the online content was prepared in Pakistan before July 13, and that digital media were used to rapidly spread “threats and counter-threats far and wide in India”. Over 200 URLs (uniform resource locator), the bulk of whose origin was traced to Pakistan, were identified by NTRO and shared with the Computer Emergency Response Team
International groups that have been declared terrorist organizations in the West, such as al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, have shifted their recruitment to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to attract members across borders and gather intelligence, "Today, about 90 per cent of organized terrorism on the internet is being carried out through social media. By using these tools, the organizations are able to be active in recruiting new friends without geographical limitations," said Gabriel Weimann, of the University of Haifa.( who did over 10+ yrs of research online and has numerous proofs of it)
"The social media is enabling the terror organizations to take initiatives by making "friend" requests, uploading video clips and the like and they no longer have to make do with the passive tools available on regular websites."  Aside from recruitment, Facebook is being used by these organizations to gather military and political intelligence, Weimann said.
"Many users don't even bother finding out who they are confirming as 'friend' and to whom they are providing access to a large amount of information on their personal life. The terrorists themselves, in parallel, are able to create false profiles that enable them to get into highly visible groups," he said.
For example, a statement from Lebanon has stated that Hezbollah is searching for material on the Israeli army's Facebook activity. Countries such as the U.S., Canada and the U.K. have instructed their military personnel to remove personal information from Facebook in case al-Qaeda is monitoring it, said Weimann.
These groups are also openly using social media as a platform to share "professional" information, he added, pointing to an exchange found on the open, non-coded forum belonging to Hamas's military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades: "I have a kilogram of acetone. I want to know how to make an explosive with it to blow up a military jeep." Another member promptly provided the instructions.
"The most advanced of Western communication technology is, paradoxically, what the terror organizations are now using to fight the West," Weimann said.
"Established terrorist cells have found social media to be a useful communication tool - Facebook, Twitter," News.com.au quoted by Mr. Paterson.
"Facebook can be a recruitment tool (but) Twitter is more for operational communication," he added. Paterson stressed that social media has also encouraged the rise of home-grown terrorism, particularly among 'disaffected loners sometimes on the margins of society,' adding that Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik is a prime example.
He also pointed out that in democratic countries where internet censorship is seen as an 'infringement of freedom of information' or a breach on civil liberties, stopping terrorists from communicating on social media is difficult.
 Kholmann, has enough proofs to illustrate Internet continually becoming ever more potent tool for “soft” psychological warfare – militants boasting of accomplishments and creating the Hype, Excitement amongst the fundamentalist to join their Bandwagon. i.e. while he was alive, American cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki preached heated inducements to jihad from Yemen. His Talks were fiery, exciting, and that too in English.Another Best cited Example is that of  Colleen who became (in)famous by her new adopted character “Jihad Jane,” and was eventually charged with conspiracy to commit murder and support of terrorists.

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