11 September 2012

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps, institute of digital marketing
Why there is Hype around  Mobile Apps?

 There are approximately 6 billion Smart Phones in the world (more then there are human beings), leads to the irrefutable conclusion that… ‘The Future is  Mobile’.

 Out of 900+ million  users, 300+ million are accessing Facebook via a mobile device, a need, and an opportunity to educate the business community about them. The intention of this post is to simplify Mobile Apps in order for any business owner to be able to make an educated decision on whether the Mobile application market is worth getting into, or not. In the Mobile App realm there are 2 broad kinds of apps: 

Mobile Apps Development 

1. Creative/Unique  Apps:  These are the “idea” apps usually  fresh and innovative. e.g.  Taxi Meter App. This App calculates the fare as you travel between locations.  SIRI, the Iphone’s intelligent personal assistant who is designed to help you get things done simply by asking it. The major disadvantage of conceiving, Designing and Developing an App apps is HUGE. Unique concepts are not everyone's cup of tea coupled with the complex engineering required to deliver these types of apps. Most people make their money by selling the app itself, another large segment monetizes and leverages the viral aspect of these apps. Example – Tiger Woods MySwing – $4.99 on iPhone $9.99 iPad – this has over 80K downloads in each version 

2. Functional Mobile Apps  It offers a functionality or an “augmentation” to an existing business process, either offline or as a web application, and you are building an application to further enhance it, or simply add mobility. we have numerous Functional Apps:  Wellness Apps Google Maps Application, Hotel Apps, Airline Apps, Banking Apps and many more…  a company that already engages with its customers or employees – who are mobile, identify its existing processes and enhance their functionality by building a new and improved app to further develop mobility and efficiency. 

To recognize and materialize this need requires ingenuity and expertise but the delivery of Process Augmentation apps is not a difficult undertaking for the most part. These apps are normally free but some cost from $5-$50+ to download. 

The monetization happens outside the app, essentially through the value enhancement that the app brings to the interaction between the business and the customer/employee. e.g.– Tripadvisor spent more than $200k to build this app, but they give it away for free. The added value this app brings to the users is what constitutes its real worth. The mobile world will continue to change the way we interact, the way we seek and receive information and, ultimately, the way we do business. Before any company decides whether it needs to engage the mobile playing field and develop a mobile application, outlining the specific role and utility of the application in rapport to the business requirements is key to ensuring its success. 

Advantages and Benefits of Mobile Apps. soon we’ll be using phones as

  •  identification
  •  license,
  •  passport,
  •  office pass
  •  as keys to unlock our car & apartment,
  •  as boarding passes and
  •  subway tickets

mobile, by nature, allows brands to  talk to the
right people at the right times in the rigth places

Future of Mobile Apps. these  trends will interact to reshape our lives. Each facilitates the other

content agreements, distribution channels, and strategic partnerships are being created behind the scenes to supply the hardware and software

Brands will create more of their own apps that tap into both geo-location services and social networking. Brands will also continue to increase the relevance of their messaging in traditional mobile ads by using more location targeting and embedding social content and shareability

There is merging of boundaries between mobile, online and TV.

TV and Social Media will fuel an explosion in tools, technologies &
platforms for interaction and research.“Social commerce”  to be careful not to tip the balance of engagement toward marketing if there is too much focus on selling instead of delivering an experience

Social media can be used to kick start conversations, build awareness and trial; sampling and couponing have tremendous popularity within fan pages while sneak previews/special offers can spur sales for new products online before they even reach traditional shelves.

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