15 September 2012


SoLoMo name emerged/derived  from hyperlocal search, the IP mapping of PCs that provides users searching for local information with results in their area. SoLoMo refers to the recently available mobile version of these local search engine results.

The  geo-location technology ( GPS) has come out to be more accurate than local searches on a PC/laptop. This technology has enabled both users & Business owners where they are  ( location) and find Search (information about nearby places). SoLoMo is the evolved, more precise and mobile hyperlocal search.so gaining its importance being an Effective tool. 

The future Development ,production and use will only be of smart devices, SoLoMo is completely transforming Operating. Businesses and consumers are delighted with the integration of social media, geo-location technology, and the use of mobile devices. 

Here and Now: Gone are the days wherein we used to do Market research followed by detailed analysis and then come up with a convincing strategy. SoLoMo not only provides detailed and precise info on demand but also bridges the gap between consumer and retailer with immediate effect. Fancy deals and discount coupons as per their Likes and interest find their way to the customers Mobile. 

SoLoMo services such as Groupon, Foursquare, and GoWalla recognize consumers’ shopping history, brand loyalty, and geographic proximity and provide those consumers with personalized recommendations.

SoLoMo is leading local advertising. Companies are starting to realize that SoLoMo needs to be incorporated into their business strategy. As we become a society more and more reliant on mobile devices, businesses need to become mobile as well. Very soon, a business that is not mobile will be overcome by competitors that are. 

The Exploding SoLoMo:

Facebook – members can check-in using the Places feature
Shopkick – consumers receive offers and rewards customized to the store they walk into
ValuText – consumers receive notifications about sales and promotions happening at their current vicinity
Home Depot, WalMart– make their products 3D on their customers’ smartphones using AR (augmented reality) technology
Starbucks app – people can search for the store closest to their location
Walgreens app – customers check-in and receive discounts, create a shopping list, refill prescriptions, and get reminders to take their medicine. 

Future of SoLoMo Mobile Apps: Business owners are ensuring that their websites are WAP enabled for mobile and engage their potential & current customers via their smartphones. 

How to take advantage of the increasingly active smartphone-using customer base, gain more customers at little cost, and potentially greatly increase revenue with mobile advertising.  Businesses are creating apps that personalize opportunities and customize special offers for individual customers(in case they are old or repeat customers). There is a mad rush to build Mobile Apps to ensure and enhance as well customer engagement and loyalty.

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