08 September 2012

Targeting Customers

Entire World is a Market-Place & All people are my Customers:

Targeting Customers, institute of digital marketing
many a times we hear this boasted sentence said by some Optimist which is of no use to us. Its just a feel good thing with no value to us. what we all are challenged is how to minimize the gaps in Locating and targeting our potential customers.

Internet and Mobile is transforming the fundamental ways in which we perceive & identify target markets or Potential customers  and understand their key perceptions, buying patterns coupled with referring , sharing a product/service. 
herein we attempt to bring forth some 
proven methods & techniques of identifying potential target customers 
Optimum, effective ways of using  tools generate leads, find prospects & ensuring having Customers for Life.

Targeting Customers, institute of digital marketing

some experts claim to target people based on their Behavioral Patterns. you can get more of it in the link mentioned above.

there are other experts who advice on focusing Influencer's 

also one can get to know of the success stories of Approaching and then converting the Challenges into Opportunities

also get to know How social media can help you

also get to know how do companies learn customers secrets from customer perspective

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