25 October 2012

Ekalavya of Digital-Marketing

'Webucation is the next GREAT growth opportunity ... According to Peter Drucker in Forbes Magazine
Ekalavya of Digital-Marketing, institute of digital marketing
Ekalavya  is one of the Best & Foremost Proof........

WEBUCATION is education, Skills  and knowledge imparting via the InternetOnline Training is Normally being called as Home based learning or Self paced Learning

How does Online Learning take place?

You will get access to e-learning modules specially developed by domain experts and elearning specialists.
We will  Just like classroom programs, your interaction sessions with the faculty will happen every Sat and Sun.
We will soon have weekday batches also. This will happen either on a webinar or call conference mode.

Popular reasons and some in-famous Things for not opting  ?

We've listed down some which we know. If your reason is not among these, you need to get in touch 
with us so that we can update this page :)

 1 - I Love one-on-one interaction with faculty

We'd like to take this one head on : yes, true that face-to-face interaction is great but our mix of elearning
modules (see example here), live facilitation on webinar/call conference and remote facilitation on email
 comes quite close to the real thing. We also offer classroom programs but nothing matches the 
convenience and flexibility of learning from home.

2 - I like Group-Dynamics.

Well, we are with you in this one - just that here, group is not with you in your room but on the web.
The chat facility, the group assignments during the session and week, discussion of responses of 

other participants will ensure that you get the best out of group learning.

Watch out the Success-story of Creating Experts in Digital Marketing Virtually

 3 - All Experts are from Offline Learning

Companies don't prefer distance learning or online studied students.

We have never heard of any Experts who Learned online.  I have a famous story to say that of Ekalavya 
who made statue of his master and became one of the Worlds best known Expert that envied even his Master

Survey: Sloan National Commission on Online Learning

4 - Its Dull

Online Learning is Boring, It does not pull us  get involved in Learning.
The Thrill , charm and Excitement of Live Learning is all missing in it.
better not to call it as a  self-study but a Facilitator and Catalyst for our studies.
 A virtual 
companion for our Growth and Continual Learning. sounds Awesome so just try it out
5. Its Costly:
Have you ever compared the online and offline Learning?

Lastly forget the Traditional View that we all have look from a different perspective of Revision,
 Time spent, Cost vis -a-vis  Benefits

Think......Analyze....Act and Experience the Power coupled with Benefits of Online Learning.



Customer is King.......Customer is God

Customer-Retention, institute of digital marketingMarketing is evolving faster than we Think of it. Its becoming complex and precise in pace with the Technological changes that are brought forth by Technologies be it in Internet, Mobile, Communication or Conversion.

In 19th century there exist only one word ....SALE which Gradually evolved to Marketing....and Now its What Customer THINKS....Yes thats True Business Entities are going out of the way to know and Understand what goes on in their Minds and Heads of Customers such that they are Fastest in Knowing the needs and preparing Reliable proven structurs in Existence for their BUSINESS to grow and flourish in this COMPETITIVE world.  

Engaging the customer via host of Interactive tools  has given marketers the ability and confidence to foresee beyond the current Paradigms.This has ensured repeat business coupled with Inspiration of  having customers into advocates & Brand Ambassadors on the Social media resulting in Exponential Customer . 

1. CRM: Though Sales force is retaining its numero-uno position in this category but a lot of open source tools are making their headway in this category be in Sugar-CRM or V-Tiger.

Microsoft, Oracle too have made their strides in this area by Launching their own CRM packages.

2. social media: 
from the mad rush just to have number of likes on their pages to manipulating visitors with false incentives Online is Maturing itself. The Shift has occurred from Quantity to Quality now. The size or number is now History, it does not matters but whats the potential of the few there that matters the most.

3. Mobile technologies have been the biggest boon for marketers as they can now track their customers when they are on the move, they can get to know the preferences and choices in split of second and can provide them with what they need at that very point of time.
Gone are the days wherein Companies use to carry out Market Research do the Analysis and then prepare the strategies after lot of discussion and Convincing. Today its HERE & NOW.

Lastly it matter of Heart over Head i.e Engaging the customer Emotionally around his likes and dislikes, making him feel Important. Treating him making him Experience he is the KING....The watch the Magic that starts to unfold. To sum up its just three simple steps

Watch......your current and Potential Customers

Wait.... for them for the opportune rime to come

23 October 2012

Decide On The Affiliate Marketing Techniques To Craft More Money

In this day and age, all the people are testing out distinguished ways to earn money with the intention of satisfying their desires in life. Out of the large directories presented to the public, Affiliate marketing is one of the renowned preferences by the populace to earn huge profits. Normally, these types of marketing are carried out by the affiliates who are having a website or a blog. The affiliates will be promoting the products of some prominent firm in the society so as to enhance their sales percentage.

The affiliates or publishers will be promoting the product by means of the links given by the advertisers or the company owners. If anyone had purchased the company’s product by visiting the website of the affiliate, the company will proffer the precise commissions for them.  With the assistance of the Affiliate marketing, the publishers and the advertisers will be getting more earnings in no time. As the publishers are promoting the sales of the advertiser’s company, the advertiser pays the commission amount to the affiliate. In accordance with the augmented sales of the company’s product, the advertisers will procure high earnings.

Because of this profit, most of the firms are offering affiliate program options to the populace with the aim of raising the sales of the products. Predominantly, since many of the individuals are not being on familiar terms with the strategies of picking out the appropriate affiliate program, they are fading out in the marketing business. So, before getting into the affiliate program, the affiliates should make sure that they are going with the appropriate affiliate product that suits their blog or website.

After selecting the finest affiliate product, the affiliates who are making out the Affiliate marketing should find out unique ways to promote a particular product. Imperative of all, before promoting a product ensure that you have used the products so that you can easily emphasize the quality of the product to the visitors. In the methods of promoting a product, the first method starts with your own blog. Create a banner of the product’s link in your blog and confer review posts to that link in order to assist the visitors to know about the information about the product.

Together with the banner links, the affiliates can also perform the Affiliate marketing using social networking websites. Since millions of users are drowned into the social networking sites, this will be preeminent option for the affiliate to support the product of the advertisers. Fabricate a community page in the networking sites, so that you can easily reach out the people feasibly. Similar to the social networking sites, the publisher can even join social forums to attract the people by the quality of the products. Notably, few numbers of affiliates found out distinct technique for promoting with the support of the 2.0 properties websites. For accessing this 2.0 property website, the only thing you have to accomplish is writing out an article associated to the affiliate products. Significantly, do not forget to include the affiliate links and anchor text within the article.  By being acquainted with this information, one can ensure that they can earn money within a flash of the moment. 

Online-Advertising – The High-Flying Prospect For Enhancing The Life Standards

Online-Advertising – The High-Flying Prospect For Enhancing The Life Standards, institute of digital marketing
In these days, nearly everyone is looking for the Internet to procure something which they need. Due to the response for the Internet among the society, almost all the companies have launched their online promotion website with the attention grabbing offers and products. This promotion stratagem comes under the category of the renowned tool for income, Online-Advertising. Online marketing has become the high-flying preferences for the populace who are having fondness in earning profits. This is a sort of promotional opportunities offered by the World Wide Web network to the people.

The Online-Advertising encompasses advertising option such as banner ads, email marketing, classified adverting through online option, advertising through social networking sites and so on. Through the online marketing preference, one can earn money by means of the revenue opportunities accessible to them. Some of the models for acquiring earnings are Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Visitor (CPV), Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per View (CPV), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and so on.

The Pay Per Click is the famous and widely preferred method for Online-Advertising. Whenever the users click on the links on the affiliate websites, they will be redirected to the official website of the product. So, the website will be paid based on the number of clicks made by the visitors. The Cost Per Visitor selection will proffer income to the host website owner depending upon the views of the customers. This revenue method is similar to the pay per click model. Though CPM revenue choice, the individuals will be earning money when the visitors visits thousand advertisements of the advertiser’s product. From these assortments, Cost Per Acquisition is a unique model when compared to others. The website possessor will be getting payment only if the customer purchases the product of the advertiser.

After being acknowledged with the profit models of Online Advertising, one has to be on familiar terms with the do’s and don’ts in online marketing, so as to prevent risks in handling it. Most of the people will afford a product only if they are obtaining proper assistance from a website. The website should confer all necessary information to attract the customers towards the product of the advertiser. Next thing the publisher ought to consider is, providing offers and discounts for the products. Every single individual in the society will be hypnotized by the offers of a particular product. So, this will be finest choice to make the customers to purchase the products. 

Significantly, if anyone is planning to go with the online purchase, their first priority will be given to the guarantee for the product. As many fraud companies are offering swindled products, they are very conscious about the warranty. So the affiliate should highlight the concept of warranty for the products which they had purchased. In addition, the money back assurance is also given to the clients if they are not satisfied with the products. The money back option for a particular product will be valid for the period of nearly three months. Enclosing all, Online-Advertising will be the preeminent preference for the individuals if they are acquainted with the primary facets of it. 

Social Media Marketing.... Success Stories

Social Media Marketing.... Success Stories, institute of digital marketing
According to the survey about the Social MediaMarketing Success Stories among the entities of the several websites, they realized that nearly 65% ROI guaranteed for them and this is an evidence for the social media marketing effectiveness of the business promotion. Social Media Marketing Success Stories bestows the brand recognition which ensures the website promotion and the product publicity.

The video marketing provides the comfortable utilization which mimics the powerful actions for the end-user and pulls them into the network of the target audience. Owing to the massive usage of social media networking, the probability of reaching the target audience in a particular schedule is an easy task.

The Social Media Marketing Success Stories of your blog will be acquired when the profile of your website includes in the social media settings. The Follow Me Social Media logo to the blog is acting as a gateway for the constant revenue. Add the URL to the Blog in Forum Post Signatures and these live posts develop the website promotion through the link that carries the Post Signature.

Conducting a blog contest ensure the success while promoting through the social media marketing. Running a contest or draw on your social media site has the competence to reach the wide range of public devoid of any further advertisement. The contest reaches the final audience too since the first viewer of the contest multiplies the visits and the spectator is spreading through the friends and links circle. Hence, these kinds of contests occupy the most important position in the Social Medial Marketing Success Stories.

Encourage the negative or complaints in a positive manner and this is also one of the best tools for achieving the place of Social Media Marketing Success Stories in the network. Accept the complaints in the optimistic way and formulate the blog to renovate instantly. Significantly, this course of action ensures not only the index page of the search engine but also the souls of the potential audience. One has to try to create motivation among the potential audience for your forthcoming exhibits and the episodes. Predominantly, it should be intimated to them prior to two or three months. Update the basic information about the event or product which provides the feed for enthusiastic appetite, because it will be ended with applause during the launch of the event.

Avoid the technology or computerized reply to the client’s inquiries because it will affect the reputation of your blog, since the same customer will visit the customer care's core until they achieve a positive answer. The same tone for every doubt will result in the irritation and scam feeling about your blog. Hence, try to clear any doubts through manually which helps you to enter into the Social Media Marketing Success Stories list. The success stories have always been as path for other successors.  These stories exhibit the fruits tasted by the brand owners with the help of the social media marketing. The story behind each owner has always been inspiring and gives the assurance they have chosen the right path for promoting their products.

Business Growth with LinkedIn

Business Growth with LinkedIn , institute of digital marketing
Any business promotion that has online presence i.e. connected with the digital marketing so  its evident that the top entities keep in touch with the social media instruments namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Business Growth with LinkedIn has a crystal clear idea through the following course of actions as its most Popular Business or Professional Networking site.

Connect with LinkedIn through the bullet keywords:
One should set the bullet keywords that suitable for both the major search of the online users and the business. The Google ad words free tool assists you for setting the worldwide search estimation.

Promote the app that ensuring the LinkedIn connectivity:
Even the people who don’t own a blog can attain the Business Growth with LinkedIn while they activate the app which assist to transfer content to the LinkedIn profile of the content owner.

Locate Connections by search:
The advanced search and the keyword setting multiply the conversion and it is also one of the tactics that assists your Business Growth with LinkedIn.

Surfing through the connection’s link:
The introduction of the ceremony of a friend’s friend through the connections link is also a useful tool that eases the path of Business Growth with LinkedIn.

Create the FAQ regarding the company:
Creating the inquiries related to the industry, the service and the competitors of the same fields are reimbursing the website and business promotion through the LinkedIn property.

Accumulate the online reputation:
Gathering the referral/recommendations from the entire points of you such as friends, colleagues, community members, relatives and so on and this accumulation weigh the reputation of your presence in digital marketing. Owing to the close communication, they are acting as a targeted advertisements and this link makes a sound effect on the familiarity.

Hunt for an association of influence:
Communicate and having a good rapport with the top influencers in your niche on LinkedIn offers the major benefits of a niche blog. The joint ventures, guest posting, guest blogging and other marketing materials are the keys which are accessible easily while you are utilizing the link of influencer.

Utilize the LinkedIn through mobile marketing:
Utilize LinkedIn to allocate a text operation through your networks, to generate a potential subscriber list for the product or service such as restaurant, bar and gym. The utilization of the mobile keyword in the monthly Newsletter and the group posts ensure the business growth within a short period.

Always utilize Add Sections to develop the profile:
The copious widgets are available on LinkedIn where you can add to your profile to deliver more trustworthiness. Include programs such as honors, awards, publications and so on to the profile. It is acquired for the purpose of developed connections and additional business.
LinkedIn proves its ultimate aspect of powerful –social media networking through the newest targeted updates. The novel LinkedIn targeted the updates that permit you to deliver messages to a particular division of the populace subsequent to the company page. It helps you to reach the particular messages, to develop curiosity, to build up product initiates and to expand a nearing sale.
With these powerful tools, Business Growth with LinkedIn is guaranteed within a short period.

22 October 2012


Content-Marketing, institute of digital marketing

Content marketing – an invaluable tool of the SEO

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action. The content marketing is an effective tool to grasp the attention of the potential audience for the product or service. It has the competence to magnetize the invaluable assets – clients and converts them loyal members of your website.

The Quality Content Deliver The Required Information For Every Client
You should create a content which is proximity to the particular product or service selling and while accomplishing the content, you should carefully with the subjects. Mainly, the purchaser exploring the web for more information about the product and they get irritated while view the advertisement based contents. Ensure your contents with the quality and the quality content have more references through the likes and hiring the authors for the content writing is a good tactic for ensuring the website promotion.

The Newsletters through Email, Content for Landing the page, Special blogs for business, trade publications and social media are innovative approaches of content marketing. The video blogging and Tradeshow fact sheets are included in the content marketing which ensure the increased traffic for the website. The survey about the content marketing ideas delivers the crystal clear idea about the content marketing. The video content used for all kinds of customer’s owing to the effortless process. The custom based content; technical/professional writing and imaginative story are utilized by the content creators for the marketing purpose. In addition, the content enriches with the information ensure the traffic as well as the conversion of selling.
Content-Marketing, institute of digital marketing
A Secret Behind In The Success Of Every Business
 Sustaining the visitors on the page for long hours is a unique strategy and a third party recommendation and the expert’s idea about the particular content are other innovative approaches of the content marketing pilfer the soul of the potential audience. Locating the marketing purposes, identifying your audience, enriches the content with the voice’s of experts, images and video, evaluate the content marketing results and choosing the media formats are ground breaking techniques that ripe the fruit of success- your loyal customer

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