04 October 2012

Benefits of Google App Engine

Currently we are Using Google application for "Institute of Digital marketing”

Google App Engine allows us to run all our web applications on Google's infrastructure. 
App Engine applications are easy to build, easy to maintain, and easy to scale as your traffic and data storage needs grow. The google marketplace helps us to Market the application at a nominal cost.
With App Engine, there are no servers to maintain: One just upload your application, and it's ready to serve their users.

It can serve your apps from your own domain name (such as http://www.digitalmarketing.ac.in/) using Google Apps. Or, you can serve your app using a free name on the appspot.com domain. You can share your application with the world, or limit access to members of your organization.

Google App Engine supports apps written in several programming languages. With App Engine's Java runtime environment, you can build your app using standard Java technologies, including the JVM, Java servlets, and the Java programming language—or any other language using a JVM-based interpreter or compiler, such as JavaScript or Ruby. App Engine also features a dedicated Python runtime environment, which includes a fast Python interpreter and the Python standard library. The Java and Python runtime environments are built to ensure that your application runs quickly, securely, and without interference from other apps on the system.
Google App Engine makes it easy to build an application that runs reliably, even under heavy load and with large amounts of data. App Engine includes the following features:

  • Dynamic web serving, with full support for common web technologies
  • Persistent storage with queries, sorting and transactions
  • Automatic scaling and load balancing
  • APIs for authenticating users and sending email using Google Accounts
  • A fully featured local development environment that simulates Google App Engine on your computer
  • Task queues for performing work outside of the scope of a web request
  • Scheduled tasks for triggering events at specified times and regular intervals

Your application can run in one of two runtime environments: the Java environment, and the Python environment. Each environment provides standard protocols and common technologies for web application development.

is to provide a hardcore solutions towards marketing by building a sophisticated website for “Digital Marketing Institute” using Google Applications which will be helpful for providing an online training to the various business firms, entrepreneurs etc. for the marketing purpose, to learn business strategies, advertising products and services and making business more profitable.

This includes providing several courses to help every business person to run the business successfully by following proper training and guidance through these educational services.
Activities & Duration:
The activities involve development of independent module by our skilled team member having extensive knowledge in building application with the help of Google Apps.

The duration of the Project is of 3 months-12 months it starts with the student bringing forth an Idea,we do Brainstorming with faculty and students then it goes for SRS creation and once the requirements are freezed we start the coding work.

The output of this project will be a complete website which can provide a good training and courses to a business person to run their business successfully and earning highest profit by learning skills, strategies, asking questions to expertise, space to write blogs etc.

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