25 October 2012


Customer is King.......Customer is God

Customer-Retention, institute of digital marketingMarketing is evolving faster than we Think of it. Its becoming complex and precise in pace with the Technological changes that are brought forth by Technologies be it in Internet, Mobile, Communication or Conversion.

In 19th century there exist only one word ....SALE which Gradually evolved to Marketing....and Now its What Customer THINKS....Yes thats True Business Entities are going out of the way to know and Understand what goes on in their Minds and Heads of Customers such that they are Fastest in Knowing the needs and preparing Reliable proven structurs in Existence for their BUSINESS to grow and flourish in this COMPETITIVE world.  

Engaging the customer via host of Interactive tools  has given marketers the ability and confidence to foresee beyond the current Paradigms.This has ensured repeat business coupled with Inspiration of  having customers into advocates & Brand Ambassadors on the Social media resulting in Exponential Customer . 

1. CRM: Though Sales force is retaining its numero-uno position in this category but a lot of open source tools are making their headway in this category be in Sugar-CRM or V-Tiger.

Microsoft, Oracle too have made their strides in this area by Launching their own CRM packages.

2. social media: 
from the mad rush just to have number of likes on their pages to manipulating visitors with false incentives Online is Maturing itself. The Shift has occurred from Quantity to Quality now. The size or number is now History, it does not matters but whats the potential of the few there that matters the most.

3. Mobile technologies have been the biggest boon for marketers as they can now track their customers when they are on the move, they can get to know the preferences and choices in split of second and can provide them with what they need at that very point of time.
Gone are the days wherein Companies use to carry out Market Research do the Analysis and then prepare the strategies after lot of discussion and Convincing. Today its HERE & NOW.

Lastly it matter of Heart over Head i.e Engaging the customer Emotionally around his likes and dislikes, making him feel Important. Treating him making him Experience he is the KING....The watch the Magic that starts to unfold. To sum up its just three simple steps

Watch......your current and Potential Customers

Wait.... for them for the opportune rime to come

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