25 October 2012

Ekalavya of Digital-Marketing

'Webucation is the next GREAT growth opportunity ... According to Peter Drucker in Forbes Magazine
Ekalavya of Digital-Marketing, institute of digital marketing
Ekalavya  is one of the Best & Foremost Proof........

WEBUCATION is education, Skills  and knowledge imparting via the InternetOnline Training is Normally being called as Home based learning or Self paced Learning

How does Online Learning take place?

You will get access to e-learning modules specially developed by domain experts and elearning specialists.
We will  Just like classroom programs, your interaction sessions with the faculty will happen every Sat and Sun.
We will soon have weekday batches also. This will happen either on a webinar or call conference mode.

Popular reasons and some in-famous Things for not opting  ?

We've listed down some which we know. If your reason is not among these, you need to get in touch 
with us so that we can update this page :)

 1 - I Love one-on-one interaction with faculty

We'd like to take this one head on : yes, true that face-to-face interaction is great but our mix of elearning
modules (see example here), live facilitation on webinar/call conference and remote facilitation on email
 comes quite close to the real thing. We also offer classroom programs but nothing matches the 
convenience and flexibility of learning from home.

2 - I like Group-Dynamics.

Well, we are with you in this one - just that here, group is not with you in your room but on the web.
The chat facility, the group assignments during the session and week, discussion of responses of 

other participants will ensure that you get the best out of group learning.

Watch out the Success-story of Creating Experts in Digital Marketing Virtually

 3 - All Experts are from Offline Learning

Companies don't prefer distance learning or online studied students.

We have never heard of any Experts who Learned online.  I have a famous story to say that of Ekalavya 
who made statue of his master and became one of the Worlds best known Expert that envied even his Master

Survey: Sloan National Commission on Online Learning

4 - Its Dull

Online Learning is Boring, It does not pull us  get involved in Learning.
The Thrill , charm and Excitement of Live Learning is all missing in it.
better not to call it as a  self-study but a Facilitator and Catalyst for our studies.
 A virtual 
companion for our Growth and Continual Learning. sounds Awesome so just try it out
5. Its Costly:
Have you ever compared the online and offline Learning?

Lastly forget the Traditional View that we all have look from a different perspective of Revision,
 Time spent, Cost vis -a-vis  Benefits

Think......Analyze....Act and Experience the Power coupled with Benefits of Online Learning.


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