04 October 2012

Press-release for Growth

Press-release for Growth, institute of digital marketing
some Ideas  for pitching yourself to the media. Create Opportunities and never miss a chance to promote.
Ensure that you write a good text content coupled with a photograph and Video such that you regularly keep yourself in the Limelight in the virtual world. Post all the info on your company websites, blogs, social media pages and share with your friends, employees and business connections i.e suppliers, vendors. 
  1. Get yourself  a prize, Award at Local, a state, national or international Level. (Manage it if you are desperate) 
  2.  pitch yourself as an expert When something newsworthy happens in your field –at state, national or international level
  3. Create a story around new release or re-release of your Product/service (free with add on product/service, added benefits, discount coupans)
  4. Become a Author, Speak in conferences, write article in Newspaper or Magazine or write a book
  5. Be creative, Host a  charity event or Social Service activity e.g. Cleanliness Drive, Tree Plantation.  
  6. Do a Big Donation in a Event amongst Press and People.
  7. Celebrate your Birthday, Anniversary, Foundation day, Completion of n no. of Years , etc
  8. Invite a Celebrity and you be the Host of the event.
  9. Release report by Conducting a  poll or survey and use the results to form a press release.
  10. Get exposure (photo) in Newspaper, magazines or TV .
  11. Report a new study and include your analysis and forecasts.
  12. Launch a competition that is unique. Remember the “best job in the world’’ campaign?
  13. When you get new Project assignment/contract.
  14. Make a bold statement/controversial statement about a person/event or Brand.
  15. Launching your business expansion in  international markets or Start a new or unique business or some collaboration with someone
  16. Publish a Patent or buy a patent or sell a patent.
  17. known  celebrity promoting  your product/service.Create an event with a celebrity
  18. Create, Declare an award/Scholarship,Prize to honour individuals or business in the community
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