02 October 2012


Its not WHY but How to Now

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If the “viral message” effect, of your social media actions is not translating into success, then Learn from the Masters who got Results and are Effective in Executing their Social Media Projects, thereby leading to more client acquisition and revenue growth.
Though its the world’s most powerful communication tool, it has a long way to be Effective in BEING  an Exclusive marketing Tool.

Statistics in Social-Media:
ROI calculation in Social media is still a Big Challenge as the Metrics and Analytics are being evolved. We notice that everyone right from a Local Business to Global Business are Embracing Social Media. Be it In Media or in Politics, Education and Religion.
Most of the social media tools are free to use, The Money spend on your campaign has very little to do on your message being shared, heard, responded. 
If you have  battery of volunteers, you have the  POWER in makings of an effective social media network, irrespective of the message you want to get Viral. 

In Politics it has been observed that there is 

NO-correlation between a candidates social media interaction and their ability to get elected,

 The people who actually vote need not be the people who use social media. 

The Leaders:

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and G+ lead the social marketplace, along with continually evolving and enriching customers. Some Experts social media efforts have starting yielding results.

Social media process is like an Iceberg

SEO expert cannot design SMO strategy as he is unaware of  user intent, tactics of social-world.

Listen to Your Audience! – Being Flexible and giving them What they need.Make your fans/subscribers/patrons/followers... Experience that they are Being Heard and Respected. Allow them to Express (provide content and share their feelings, emotions). 

Expert Story Positioning – photos and Videos ( of your products and services) Use of contests that Inspires & Pulls-in your users to showcase the way/method of use of your Brand.

Give Value & Create Goodwill – ESPN on Twitter encourages employees to use Twitter only in a business capacity, to discuss sports. This creates continuity, strengthened by fostering a professional social media approach.

Continually Enhancing Customer Service –Will have them your Brands customers for Life and not only that they will be your Brand Ambassadors doing your Referral Marketing free of cost building a Huge Network for your Sustained Growth.

Stage 1: Identify  the social channels for marketing and selling their  products/services then Identify your Target customers draft engaging content Map (giving rewards, incentives to their customers).

Stage 2: Engage:  use of rich media(photo, videos), participatory contests and email sign ups resulting in social commerce.

Stage 3: Conversion: 
  • reports of social metrics/analytics, 
  • CRM 
  •  payment integration, 
  • making public offers.
  •  outreach followed by sharing of information, 
  • initiating a new Interactive conversation, 
  • allowing people to share their experiences 

 Success Stories in social media marketing

Mentioned below are four different success stories first a product Blender second the Tourism services, third coffee shop and lastly a Online store

1. See below the You tube video on

180,063 likes and  155,493 talking about this  (as on 2nd Oct 2012)

3. “My Starbucks Idea” website sought Ideas/Opinions, suggestions from users on how to improve their products and services,but also responded back to them proactively. Their blog had latest news on progress, coupled with continually Updating users in the entire developmental process on how they are Executing Ideas/Suggestion of particular user directly asking what they want, they increased web engagement and ensuring their success of future campaigns too.

4. Zappos a leading online shoe store by innovative use of social media. The CEO & all their employees,via Twitter engage with customers, encouraging open communication. Widely acclaimed for their campaigns being fresh, humorous, and informative.

 Some social media tools:

4) Radian6 (paid)
5) Synthesio (paid)

8) Tweetburner & BudUrl – track how many times people click on a link you  
     share via Twitter

9) Swix App – Analytics for social media properties.

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