21 November 2012


Content need not be the King but
Quality Content will always be the Emperor.....!!!!

Content,  Institute of digital Marketing

Purpose: Whenever we intend to prepare the content be it a website, article or book, research paper etc we need to know the end Objective of it. What Goal are we going to achieve from it.

e.g. To have rich, original, Novel, Interactive (visual+audio) Collaborative Content of vital use for our customers on continual basis for our portal.

Target Audiences:    for whom the Article/content is being written. Begin with them in mind.
e.g. 1. Students (BE ( IT/CS) , Bsc/MSc (IT/CS) , BCA/MCA, BBA/BBM,  MBA (Mktg/Systems),
       2. Professionals:  in sales/Mktg already working in offline or IT professionals who wish to switch    
        3. Corporates:   
·         who intend to hire Digital mktg Employess, Freelancers, Consultants or Companies
·         Looking for individuals and organizations for solutions to market their  products/services
·         Digital marketing product and services companies.
·         Interns and Summer trainees for their ongoing projects.

Content Inventory:
This acts as the data bank for our content plan, It may consists of Books, ebooks, newspaper articles, magazines, online articles etc.
List content to be included in your Web site. For each content item, identify the source for the content. This may include specific documents and/or individuals within your organization who will prepare/create the content.
Content Item
Source/Location of Content/person
Accreditation india/abroad

Testimonials ???

Courses, its contents, manual, study material, ppt , books, videos etc
To many subsections in this
Job section home page
Format for submission and search

Directory home page
Format for submission & search

Training home pages(online/offline)

Newsletter format

Blog home page & contents on it

Contents to be put on face book, twitter, linkedin

Download section

Affiliate section, franchise

Digital Marketing Basket

Skill Based Training

Curriculum – Digital Marketing

Faculty information structure

Online Advertising

Events –our own & market events

Interaction Inventory
List interactive features/forms to be included in your Web site. For each item, identify  the person(s) within your organization that have information needed to create the interaction.

Description/Contact Person
Job section,
 Job seekers’

Directory listing
What will make companies & consultants, freelancers submit their details to our website?

1. Online training module set-up
i.e. configuration and later contents to be uploaded there.links to existing contents

2. getting the existing people who share all over internet globally on various websites to share and upload their contents with us.

Offline training
Live chat

Shopping cart+ payment gateway
Sale of books, audios, videos, programmes, trainings, softwares and other products

Information Structure: 
How will be thge flow of communication on our website/book
the start....middle...end

Outline of content to be included in our Web site. 
Main headings in the outline should correspond to groups of content that should be available from the home page of our Web site.
We remove all the existing distractions on home page and make it simple for the 3 target market categories…may be we can just make two categories(clubbing students and professionals into one…Think and do whats appropriate and beneficial to us.)
Images on website are good: just need to have more of interactive and eye catching, reduce the TEXT… on home page so the clutter text is not hindrance
to sum up

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