15 November 2012

Obama success via Link-spirals

How were Obama & Romney Competing in Digital space

Obama success via Link-spirals, Institute of Digital Marketing
Obama success via Link-spirals
2008 was the hallmark for use of Technology in Politics.Worlds Politicians shifted their attention to Social-media not because they were fancied by it but Politicians understood their presence and engagement with the new breed of citizens via Digital medium is Vital.

One of the finest mix of digital communication channels that even the techo-wizards are wondering The Digital world knows of Link wheel a normally used slang in digital-domain for linking their website with their own online properties by wheel-spoke arrangement.

The Secret is now out its not the Link Wheel but Link Spirals that Mr. Obama and his Genius Designed and Executed systematically.
Politicians are now devising the Digital strategy as an Integral part of their Campaigns to ensure their win in polls.

Online Consultants have conducted enough Deep Research and have come out with the Best Practices Guide for Politicians going for Polls which enumerates detailed Do's and Don'ts.

perfect mix of website-mobile site, Deep integration with all social-media sites, email marketing and online display ads

The Trinity was
1. Customer Acquisition
2. Customer Engagement
3. Customer Analytic's

via website being the central hub of all its activities while its other virtual properties as spokes feeding the hub, later the spokes get transformed as secondary-hubs thereby creating more spokes creating a Whirl around the central HUB.

Lastly to sum up it was all Link wheels intertwined together as spokes and those spokes acting as hub for the wheel.

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