07 November 2012

Mobile-The Emperor

Mobile-The Emperor, Mobile apps, Android, Mobile marketing, Institute of digital marketing
Mobile has arrived...taken the backdoor entry and now is the Undisputed Emperor both for Marketers and Consumers as well.

This is an Era of Mobile !!!

 and Its there to stay for Long...displacing the PC Desktops and Laptops or PDA's 

Marketers are Using Innovative ways to lure customers to 

  • reach them faster, 
  • keep them engaged and 
  • turn them into Loyal life time Customers.

Customers are using Mobile to 

  • Research, 
  • share with family and friends, 
  • purchase products and services, 
  • entertain themselves.

service providers are busy 

  • designing innovative and creative Mobile Apps, 
  • creating mobile friendly sites, 
  • mobile security and Optimization

 will gain importance in the coming days to come.

we all will be having Mobile Applications for everything! we do be it Buying, searching web, Communication, Health, Learning or Entertainment. Mobile Application Developers for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry  Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. Here are the few facts about Mobile Applications Industry.
  • As per the Research conducted by Gartner they  estimate, Mobile Applications industry will be around 1,50,000 Crores by 2013.
  • Mobile Applications are expected to reach 9 million by 2015.
  • Thousands of jobs are available for App developers in India and Abroad just Google the job portals you know to get first hand info.
The Mobile trend has already caught the attention of mobile manufacturers and IT companies in India. There is a surging  demand for Mobile Application Developers. every company now wants to have an App God knows for what but there is a mad rush to be there and say load We too have an Mobile app.

so its Now or Never....Choice is Yours to get on Mobile bandwagon.

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