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Social Entrepreneurship

A dictionary defines the word entrepreneur as: ‘One who undertakes an enterprise especially a commercial one, often at personal financial risk….’ So, the term entrepreneurship carries within it a spirit of adventure, the spice of novelty and the expectation of gain. Profit and returns are an intrinsic part of business enterprise by which any businessman assesses the success of his venture.

Enterprise, innovation, initiative, impact --- these are some of the words most commonly associated with Social Entrepreneurship. ¨      Enterprise suggests the willingness to take risks. ¨      Innovation is the creation of something new. ¨      To initiate is to begin / start / introduce. ¨      Impact means a strong influence. Social entrepreneurship addresses the need for social changes by initiating enterprise. Innovation in the initiatives undertaken to bring about that change are examined to measure the impact they have had on society just as entrepreneurship in business measures performance in ter…

The future of Social

History is a great teacher. Social work has gained from a past that has evolved through many phases Lessons from the past remain as guideposts along the road that still has to be traversed.
The practice of alms-giving and charity that prevailed in the Middle Ages taught Social work practitioners a valuable lesson exemplified by the  saying, ‘Give me a fish and I eat for today, teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime’. Evolving from the Charity dispensing mode, Social Work recognized the importance of making people self reliant. It has caused the emergence of educational and vocational institutions.
Needs that exist in human society have sometimes arisen out of certain events in the past. World Wars, territorial strife, natural calamities all have left scars on people on their psyches, on the communities in which they lived and on the earth and environment they inhabited. They have caused poverty, mental instability and disease. Migration of entire populations  led to loss of property…

Team Work -Secret of success in Digital-Marketing

Secret of success in Digital-Marketing

Consider some of today’s most exciting  games Cricket, Football, Hockey. All of them are played by teams. Even sports that are played by individuals such as tennis, archery and weight- lifting contribute their success or (failure ) to  a larger contingent or team.
    Complicated surgeries frequently involve a team of doctors. Elsewhere, from  debating societies to construction sites, co- operation, collaboration and the responsibility of each individual to the collective group is of vital importance.

   The cliché ‘A chain is as strong as its weakest link’, is very relevant to the concept of  team spirit so, whether one is the star bowler, batsman goalkeeper or back-up player; the surgeon who performs a complicated transplant or the nurse handing him instruments in a precise and timely manner, the role of each is interdependent and significant.
   In the second decade of the 21st century, opportunities abound as never before so, while competition co…

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