22 January 2013


What is android?

Its an Operating System (OS) created by Google to run on any small electronic devices such as cellphones, e-books, Media Internet Devices (MID), netbooks, Internet tablets to name a few.  Google fully developed Android and make it into an Open Source, making it better day by day. Now, any phone manufacturer can use Android FREE unlike its Competitor Apple who charges for his iOS that exercises rigid control over its OS. Android Being Open, manufacturer & other Developers are modify Android without restriction, allowing it to fit the device they are making - total freedom. This makes it a big incentive for any device manufacturers to adopt Android.

Its a Blessing in Disguise for Google because other Users are making it successful to make it RUN on their Devices.

Miracle named Android !!!

 Android lets developer to create application which uses phones inbuilt features like camera and create new applications using it. It also lets developer to use google applications like google maps to be integrated with application.

The video  is Old one when Android phone was release in 2008, on first version of Android. for latest Video updates pl subscribe on to this  android developers You-tube Channel

Why is Android Growing with Velocity?

Variety, Continual Improvement, CHOICES !!! all this FREE

 The ability to run tens of thousands of apps just like the iPhone but with choice of phone models that you can choose from. The choice of with or without physical keyboard, shape, color, phone size, screen size, manufacturer, features, and phone carrier. No more monopoly by one company on one carrier. Choices drive competition. The competition within Android phone manufacturers itself will inevitably make Android phones even better than what it is today, and in a short period of time.

so what is it that you are waiting for RUN.....before its too late to catch the bandwagon of Android Apps Market.....

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