07 January 2013

Digital marketing career

With the increasing amount of consumer activity online, digital marketing has become a necessity for almost every business. The term digital marketing is a broad one and it can often be difficult to discover what areas it covers. At it simple we take a holistic approach to developing digital strategies within digital marketing, working with our clients to ensure they understand the different opportunities digital marketing can provide and how they can benefit. We enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to understand their business goals. This allows us to create an in-depth digital marketing strategy that can complement other marketing activities currently being undertaken.
Each and every one of our strategies is tailored to be company specific. Understanding the current online position and analysing past successful and less-successful activities is vital in developing strategy.
Trade shows and conferences are like the Energizer Bunnies of the digital marketing industry. Despite hard times, demand for digital products and services is steadily rising.
A novice initiating into Digital marketing career will encounter tremendous information overload and will take his/her own time to sort out his core Expertise area in this BIG Ocean of DM. Narrow specialists who don't get up to speed with related parts of the digital marketing puzzle face career stagnation or get marginalized .
Learning is quintessentially the same process be it Digital or otherwise. The only benefit here is the more choice of options are available and the process of Expertise is possible with Velocity and Wise guidance from the Experts.Hence getting a Good Mentor at the start of career is a Blessing
Sadly, by the time many marketers make it to mid-career, they've been too heads down to offer useful strategic help to their companies. In certification courses, the instructors and I are sometimes asked what sources we use to stay plugged in. We might mention a dozen or so key ones. To you, references to core sources like Emoz, Mashable,  TechCrunch or Search Engine Watch may roll off the tongue. But to many, staying current is someone else's job. 
enumerated below are some of the steps that one can Consider while climbing the Ladder of Growth of Digital marketing.
Step 1: Organize your known Resources. newcomers can do their homework,  ground research and focus on the fewer options . Experiment with multiple consumption and updating methods: e-mail, RSS, Twitter, internal company "Digging" - whatever works. Privilege insight over mere news.
Step 2: Webcasts. Whether these are educational seminars put on by companies like FreshBooks (a B2B vendor that has fostered a small business community beyond its own product); sponsored Webinars on Search Engine Watch and ClickZ; or excellent videos made available by the likes of Google, there is no shortage of distance learning opportunities. Books and audio books also fit into this stage.
Step 3: Local networking events. It shouldn't matter where you are, there must be vibrant associations and one-off talks near you. Use a talk or performance as an excuse to meet other smart people and socialize. This ritual accelerates learning and connections.
Step 4: In-depth training courses and certification programs. Professional associations like the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), the Web Analytics Association, training firms likeMarket Motive, and major players like Google have all invested in developing intensive training courses to meet the exploding demand for compressed deep learning. Partners like Bruce Clay, Inc. and Page Zero Media [disclosure: my company] partner with Incisive Media to offer day-long intensive training courses in conjunction with SES conferences.
Step 5: conferences, Events, Symposiums etc like Adtech, Clickasia summit or SES to name a few are the Breeding ground to sample new ideas, make connections, learn from a variety of presentation styles, and follow up with networking and social opportunities. Today, many attendees enjoy direct tutorials from big players like Linkedin, facebook, Google and Bing. 

There is a huge rush and competition not only to attend but even to get an Opportunity as a Speaker at Conference.  These have become one of the best Personal Branding Platforms.
Companies and individuals are looking at the costs and benefits of these professional development opportunities. comprehensive events are fulfilling a need in the current market for information. If a marketing manager is heading out of the office, then coming back with news and to-do's from multiple related disciplines from a single event is an attractive proposition cost-wise as opposed to making multiple trips.
Some visitors their prime motive is just training and stay on for the conference for others Exhibitors trade show pass matters most , freelancers and small service providers hang around to get move up value chain get some clients or  outsource work from BIg players in the marketplace even Upgrading their knowledge.

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