31 January 2013

Internet Marketing Mumbai

Being the Media capital and the highest Tax payers Den of India Mumbai is the natural Hub for the  internet-marketing Firms in India. Bollywood is the Another factor for the Internet marketing Firms to have their presence and Growth.
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Internet Marketing Mumbai
The Movies and TV channels have their base in Mumbai which are Attracting the Global firms for their Creative work be it Promotion, Animation or Special effects. We can see Indian firms making their mark even in the Oscars. 

Following the Media Barons are the Ad Agencies and Advertisement firms who are always on the Lokkout for Fresh , Creative Ideas for their Global Products and Services. English Language and High Creative skills make Mumbai the Natural Choice for the Ad-Agencies too.

As the Capability and Expertise is Growing at heck-neck speed due to the influx of Internet and mobile technologies a lot of M&A is also seen happening in these Domain. Iprospect bought out stakes in Communicate 2, Reasultrix and many other too are following suit.

Some of the Internet Marketing firms of Mumbai are Listed below .
  1. Internet marketing pro
  2. gayatri micro systems
  4. Nettechseo.com
  5. GBIM Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  6. Prime Infotech
  7. Vision Websiters Pvt Ltd.
  8. SwiftUrtle Solutions
  9. SAVIT Interactive
  10. internet marketing gallery
  11. Devki Infotech
  12. Convonix The Internet Marketing Firm
  13. Digant Enterprises
  14. Mumbai Social Media
  15. Spring Communication
  16. InfoManav

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