25 March 2013


The World Loves Content not for its Quality but is Helpless as thats the Vital Parameter for Search Engines to Rank websites.

So the Online world is Trapped.
They like it or not to enhance their Reputation i.e SEO everyone is  having sleepless nights and so the Mad rush in this Online world has started for CONTENT.

 "content used to be king" concept dominated Google online online search engine methods grew up, blogs with relevant, interesting content achieved reputation, and companies with top fantastic marketing campaigns and an interesting social media presence developed true customer commitment. 

Creative, Researched content gets shared. If you want more exposure for your brand, you need Creative content across multiple content marketing programs. Content that Creates Value, that which matters to the People.

By creating great material (such as a video, article, or infographic) and marketing that material (via Facebook, Pintrest  or Instagram or fb, Google+ ) your organization can take advantages of many opportunities to link with potential customers.

IMAGE, Infographic

Content marketing is not a new idea.

While material marketing isn't a new strategy, it is more important than ever for marketing success these days. A lot of SEO organizations providing content marketing solutions who were using copy paste solutions, Manipulating Google Algorithms were hit difficult by Google Panda and Penguin up-dates. 

"advertorials" too have crept from Newspaper to online Media be it News, Articles, Blogs, They're useful and usually released by experts, but they're paid for by an professional and they're released to get you to take action. Advertorials have been effective Material Promotion sources for over a millennium.

Nobody cares just for content but even the Non-living Search engine is Thirsty for Fresh and Creative Content. The silent Transformation was witnedded by the Havoc caused by Google Algorithm updates of Penguin and Panda in which major websites got Drowned, Killed, Extinguished.

So move ahead of 

 primary keyword and key term and key term features

1    1. Presence of  keyword in the article title.

      2. search phrases & Keywords  are Pivotal for Content Strategy
 Basic Motive of Content is to be found by Search Engines and not to Educate and Empower the Masses but to sell your Product,Service

   3.  Being SMART Linker.
 some  smart Experts go an extra mile instead of creating Content they just locate the best contents and link it to them. Its Open Copying with due mention to them.

4    4. Leverage Using Tools and Technologies for User Generated Content.

  •     If You notice Google and all he social media websites do not have contents of their own they Just create a Wonderful system which Invites the User to share and recommend, Popularize it.
  • Just THINK of some Mechanism to Fire your Blog or Website its Worth IT

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