12 March 2013


1    Why  online-marketing is becoming Vital?
We are going to talk about digital and why digital is important to today’s consumer and if you look at digital, digital is really broken down in to three very interesting things. And I wanted to you think about it look at what you have in your pocket and what’s you’re holding in your hand, you’re probably holding your cell phone it’s a mobile device and that devices keeps you in touch with people. 

Do you know that more than 60% of mobile devices today actually allow the consumer to search on social media it’s on the web. 

So mobile is very important. I also want to think about, you to think about the last time you sent the letter to somebody or you received a birthday card by mail think about it again it was sent by mail it took 2 to 3 days to get there and then you picked up the phone and you called up your friend and said yes I received it. 

Think about that today you do it with email it can be send in real time and very efficiently. See the digital marketing in last few years especially in last couple of years have grown a lot. e.g.  previously we had almost 90% of our businesses in W, now we have it has changed to 60% though our revenues have crore but the volume of Indian clients have been increased and the type of because everybody its digital now with the mobile and internet, and internet is going to be cheap it western Globe  actually helped everybody to go into digital marketing because it’s cheap that’s one thing and its track able and you can actually track you can actually quantify the money you spent unless you put add in the newspaper or add In the TeleVision you can’t quantify that how many people saw it. This is here where it helps a lot.

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  1. I too agree digital marketing is in heights these days..The way you said it was perfect..

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