12 March 2013

social-media use Optimal & effective

    Effectively Using Social media in Businesses

You need to apply Social media back to what’s you’re doing? 
Let’s Assume that your trying to buy a brand new dress and if you’re a guy you wanted to know what type of tie to wear with that shirt which you have you basically go out online you start looking at themes that people have and may be you take a picture of the product to about you buy and you put it out on a face book you ask you friends to tell you whether they like it and if more people like it then do not you probably will buy that. Social media influences a Lot of what we are doing today.

 Our emphasis is on three things, 
1. social media to connect, 
2. email to communicate and 
3. mobile  as a Catalyst because mobile is with you at all times and keeps you connected. 

But that only really happens with you think about it. The young and the student(s), know how this technology works Youths are really good at all widgets & Latest Tools, Technologies, 
 Middle aged and Older people may not be as good as you but I am also user of this technology and if you think about senior citizens they are not very good but yet most of them are  stay in touch with their Grand-children, Distant Relatives and Friends too via face book. 

We may be in different cities, Countries still can stay in touch. they know what their children’s are doing. If my father wanted to go on vacation he will actually put up vacation information up on social media and will try to find out more about that destination and today if you think about it businesses need to market to all three types of consumers. My parents, me and people like you young emerging youth and what this businesses know how to do is this businesses know how to use traditional media letters, advertising, post cards, etc. to trying stay In touch with consumers. 

What you need to do today is really teach these businesses on how to use digital marketing or social media to communicate with their customers that is an opportunity for you and students today. You need to excel in learning mobile, social and email so you can go to big businesses and teach them what to do be successful.

How to do  social-media Management ?
Learning is Easy, its Interactive, Fast and Results are too soon.

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