advantages of twitter

Twitter is basically a social networking site that enables the users to send and read text messages also known as 'tweets' in twitter language. Twitter characters are only limited to 140 characters. It was created in the year March 2006 and the site was launched in July 2006. You can follow your favorite film stars , sports person , leaders or your role models and see their views or comments via tweet. There is also an application for twitter on smart phones through which people can tweet via smart phones or with the help of their laptops or PC's. It provides with the facility of updating your profile i.e. putting a profile picture and giving a small description about yourself which can be edited anytime.

         Apart from these features twitter has some advantages which are as follows :

1. You can be getting in touch with your peers and even strangers.
2. You can learn about new products.
3. You can be updated with current and breaking news.
4. You can enjoy someone's newly created website.
benefits of twitter - lokesh raghani
5. You can write about anything by using your right of speech.
6. You can send your message to the whole world, via twitter where millions of people can hear your message.
7. Twitter is a great place for your self-promotion.
8. You can kill your some time, and at the same time you can make some money with this great site by promoting some goods or services.
9. People are using this great platform to find, connect and interact with minded people and celebrities.
10. You can find potential customers for your business or services.

    Many people tweet to drive the traffic to their website or blog. Its a great source for talking to strangers. Every public tweet is indexed by search engine like Google and hence it is a very good tool for Search Engine Optimization. Customers can complain if they don't like a particular service so that the service providers can see it and improve their selves and is also a great platform for sending a quick message to your followers. 

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