25 October 2013



More than 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. Twitter sees over 340 million tweets every day. And LinkedIn, with more than 175 million members, is the most powerful business-networking engine in the world. Thus social media has proven to be very important to on the internet and there is always a question on the mind of the masses of how to have effective engagement with the audience.
Without the interest and attention of your audience, you cannot accomplish your purpose and goals both short term as well as long term. Your challenge is not only to make the audience want to listen but to help them understand, remembering, and act on the information or ideas you share.
"It's really important that we show that we are talking to people and listening to them and hearing their views. It might have been that in years gone by you were out only on your website, but now your presence has also emerged on Twitter, on Facebook and on LinkedIn etc.

·         Use Facebook's regionalisation feature to speak to readers in particular countries.
·         Run Facebook Q&As.
·         Post infographics.
social media engagement - siddheshwar bhagunde·         Always check how the post appears on mobile.
·         Create Twitter hash tags to talk to readers and to crowd source.
·         Use list feature on twitter.
·         Create LinkedIn, Facebook , G+ groups.
·         Post stories, pictures and charts of interest to the Google+ community.
·         Consider launching a Tumblr to showcase a range of content.
·         Learn to develop compelling content and tell your story in the context of the social media environment.
·         Use geo-targeting.
·         Reward highly engaged fans and followers.
·         Surprise your audience.

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