24 October 2013

Bollywood using online marketing

Today, almost every film marketing campaign leverages both traditional and new media channels with online film marketing increasing simultaneously in popularity and sophistication. Since there is an overwhelming pressure on studios to generate buzz about the upcoming releases, it only makes sense to go to online marketing for providing effective results. After all, the costs are comparatively minimum and the market reach is comparatively maximum.
As India’s online population increases, Bollywood is inevitably elevating its online marketing efforts. Over 38.5 million Indians have Internet access with an estimated 20 million Indians living abroad who are interested in keeping up with the latest Bollywood productions. Indian film marketers have also noted that young, tech-oriented professionals with disposable income are highly likely to use the web to discover movies to see in theaters.

Online interactive contests are also becoming popular with the productions in India, and are now supported by major corporate sponsors. This migration to more sophisticated online marketing methods compliments Bollywood’s increasing dexterity in other marketing channels as the growth of integrated campaigns becomes prevalent.
- See more at: http://vmgcinematic.com/blog/2009/06/film-industry-uses-online-marketing-to-its-advantage/#sthash.HCeswDDw.dpuf

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