26 October 2013

Content Marketing

content marketing-sejal visawadia

What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing is creating and delivering valuable content to your target audience. In short attracting to the right audiences.

What is content?
Content is the matter of a particular subject.The wide information of a certain field.Content is in any form like 1. Info-graphics
2. Whitepapers
3. Video & audio
4. Blogs
5. Case-study & newsletters
6. Emails

Why Content Marketing?
1. Generates 3times leads than normal traditional marketing.This will lead to increase in number of visitors.
2. Build trust, create value among suspects - people who want to know what you know not what you sell.
3. Decrease cost, increase customers.

Cornerstone of marketing -
SEO plays an important role in content marketing. Social media platform also helps build in spreading the content go viral. Brand personality also is an important aspect of content marketing.Content directly affects search. For eg. if you type info-graphics in your search bar all information related to info-graphics appears on your page i.e. it directly affects search. Content marketing does not directly sell it just gives you information about a particular product, service.

                                       Content marketing does help push leads down the funnel.

Content marketing strategy revolves around 4 aspects :
1. Plan 
    In planning we need to target to the right audience.The content you create should address your customer
points : need, problem, desire, challenge. The challenge is checking out common search enquires around your product or service using Google search trends and Google keyword tool. The other pain poit is to ask your sales person what exactly customer are asking for.
In short do your complete search on what do customers needs?

2. Create 
    There are tools for content creation avaible. Following tools will be useful for creating a content =
Percolate (real time content marketing platform)
LookBookHQ (A visual storytelling platform)
UberFlip (Flipbook)

3. Publish
    Publish your content on all social media sites like Facebook, slide share, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn.

4. Measure
    Measure through Facebook analytic, Google analytic.

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