24 October 2013

                                                DO’S AND DON’TS ON TWITTER

Twitter has become not just a micro blogging outlet for individuals and celebrities, but also for big brands, such as Coca Cola, Cadbury, and Apple. Twitter's popularity, though, goes beyond the global exposure it offers to people and brands. It's also a listening tool and a means for building community.
Thus it is very important to use twitter in a right way to build your brand. Here are a few tips on what to do and what to avoid on twitter for brand promotion.
Get Your Twitter Noticed By Posting It Everywhere
       Add It To Your Business Cards
       Add It To Your Email Newsletters 
        Add A 'Follow Us' Button To Your Website
       Use as your digital signature while sending emails
Avoid Frequent Auto Sending Posts
·         Twitter is a lot of short quick messages throughout the day
        The problem with this is that Twitter and Facebook require very different approaches
       Posting your tweets to facebook may  lose your followers on twitter
       If people can read all your Tweets on Facebook, why should they follow you on Twitter?
Leave Enough Space for Re-Tweets
       Make sure that you leave enough space in your tweet so that RT@YOURUSERNAME can be added to it
        Aim to make your tweets about 120 characters
       Leave the re-tweeter about 20 characters to format their re-tweet correctly
Share Photos and Videos
       Share some of your favourite  photos of your product or of you
       It's a nice change to view photos on Twitter but make sure you post photos that your followers will find interesting
       In January 2013, Twitter launched a new app called Vine ( lets you publish a short looping video of up to 6 seconds on Twitter)
       This is a great way to add some fresh, creative content to your Twitter feed that your followers will surely find interesting
Maintain your Brands Voice
       Give your brand its own personality when replying to tweets and keep it consistent.
        Your replies should be helpful, positive and inspiring.
        Making your replies  faster and consistent increases the growth of your audience

Follow people on Twitter, and they’ll often follow you.
  •          Follow people who are following a lot of people.
  •          Don’t be afraid to follow as many people as you can.
  •          Follow those who are involved in the same industry as you.
  •          Follow people whose followers you would want for yourself.
  •          See whose following your friends and follow them.
  •          On average, for every 10 people you follow, one person will follow you. 

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