26 October 2013

Pinning for Profits & Performance

How Pinterest can help you in social media ?

Imagine a drawing board where you can draw, create your own pictures.Now imagine you can share your board online with all your friends online through various social media sites  - this is what pinterest is all about Radial Thinking, An Innovative Approach albeit non-liner one. 

Pinterest is a Revolutionary online platform were you can pin / repin your pictures.
But how One might THINK what the Hell this has to do with my Business, does it affect my business?
Ah ...ha.. So this has now your Gret-matter (Brain) Trickling.

pinterest-sejal visawadia

We all have seen college displays for all relevant  information on a board, also  similarly even in our office does the same now why do they do it thats the question arises in our mind.

The purpose of this is to let the message go to relevant customers faster and let all know about whats happening and when its happening.In other words its to highlight to the visitors about the product ,services, innovation.
However, there is a limit to the number of visitors to this activity of sharing inside colleges, offices.
Thats the place where pinterest takes the position. Pinterest helps to solve this limited access problem since it is a social media platform that let users pins to their boards and thus share with their friends and everyone.

Once you get yourself registered you can pin and share your pins.Companies should use pinterest to boost their name. Companies sector like food, photography, fashion, event management, advertising, arts and crafts can easily make use of Pinterest to boost their brands.

To get he BEST out of pinterest, consider the following.

1. Make sure you pin  Regularly.
    Pinning everyday (though difficult proposition)  will be benefited because this will lead to increase number of visitors, thereby leading to more number of followers.

2. Upload interesting pictures.
    Since pinterest is visual the best way is to upload interesting and catchy pictures that will attract a huge number of audience. The thumb rule is simple your Picture/Photo/Image must either Entertain or Educate or Inspire or Empower the Viewer.

3. Pin theme based pictures.

Picture Speak Louder than words( TEXT)     Working with an amazing theme results huge traffic.Most of us love theme related pictures that we can relate to our story.

4. Pin it to win it - contest.
    One common method to drive traffic to your brand is through various contest and prize distribution.

5. Link to your web page.
    When you pin your picture make sure you don't forget to provide a link to your website.

Play Pinterest....Ping it...Pin It..Please..

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