26 October 2013

QR Codes 

QR codes-sejal visawadia

Everyone loves innovation.Its a human tendency that after some days we get bored with same technology.
QR codes is amazing. Just scan the code and you enjoy it.

Do you know what it is?
Its Quick Response codes. 2D bar codes.Scanning the codes will directly take you to he company website with more information.

Have you ever thought how it works?

1. Data can be translated into a QR code by any QR generator, many of which are available for free.

2. Users simply enter the data or URL add. to be translated & the generator produces the code which then can be displayed electronically or in a printed format.

3. Decoding the information can be done with any mobile camera phone that has a QR reader application.

How do I design my own QR code ?
1. There are free websites which you can use :
2. QR codes are not time limited in anyways and they do not expire.
3. You can generate as many as you need.
4. There are no limits on the number of times it can be scanned.

How will Google sell them ?
1. If you add them to your website, the search engine will see that your pages has been changed & that you are updating the pages.
2. —The search engine will see a new image & index it accordingly.

Ideas to use QR codes =
1. T shirts
2. Mugs
3. Notebooks
4. Blogs & websites
5. Tattoos 
6. Newspaper

QR codes for inside the classroom =

1. QR codes stuck on tables leading likes to a video of a science experiment.

2. QR code at a Poetry Center taking kids to poetry reading, author interview, picture of a setting, historic 

place.After school, teachers can put together everything that was done in class that day, create a QR code, 

put it on a sticky label, and slap it on a calendar for the students to scan.

QR Codes – Bring Public into the Classroom
1. When students publish online – send home a QR code to parents so they can take a look. Also post the code on the corporation site for the public to access

2. Students write and perform a Public Service Announcement (food drive) – post it online then make a flyer with a QR code to the video which can then posted in the school or community to help collect food.

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