29 October 2013

Unplugged: A Day without Internet.....!!

Unplugged: A Day without Internet

Vaibhav KubadiaStuff happens! Have you ever thought how life can be for a day if there is no internet around you? Yes, an entire day! Just imagine 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds of a day without internet on your laptops, iPads, Smartphones. Could you do it?  Is it even possible? Terrifying right? A day without being able to use the Internet was a major wake up call for me. 

It goes without saying that we live in a world where Internet is everywhere. Everyone is connected to the internet, some more than others. A lot of us, I dare say, can't be disconnected with the internet without being anxious even a little bit.

What happens when the power goes out, when the WiFi doesn't work, or (God forbid) you're in the no 3G zone for your phone?

Does it make you a little anxious? Suddenly feel like there's nothing to do? Can't wait to go back online and check who liked your Facebook status you posted 3 seconds ago?

That's a problem, and I think I am not immune to it.

“I feel like most people these days are in a similar situation, for between having a Smartphone, a laptop, a television, and an iPod, people have become unable to shed their media skin.”

We had never realized how dependent we are on the internet. Practically today our major business is conducted over the internet. We are on social media several times a day, pay bill on the Internet, book tickets, shop online & correspond with clients via email all day.

Lessons we could learn from the thought of lack of Internet experience

  • ·         Don’t wait on until the last minute to do what needs to get done.
  • ·         Plan ahead for the stuff that happens in life.
  • ·         Have a Plan B if your Plan A is derailed

We have become so habituated to this limited interaction that we seem to have forgotten what it was like to be human. It’s not that I’m saying we should leave technology it does improve our lives. In spite of looking at our blank computer screen & thinking what next to do we can still make use of our computer to compose emails, blog posts, organize old mails etc.  

If you take anything from this little thing, than let it be this: It is important to stay connected to the things that drive your life, but don’t let them rule it. Don’t just be aware of your surroundings, but be attentive and observative. Strive to learn something new every day. Try something different. 

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