12 November 2013

Social Networking: how to do it effectively

Networking is hip. Is this because you're at all street corners and every 24 hours or can go to a meatups, events  or other meeting Whether it's the self-employed who keep shooting making it sometimes just stops and tells someone that he works for a good boss? Off the ground
How can you effectively network? Networking is not present in as many events, networking is really almost even work!

Exhibitions and Events 

The first time I had been fixed networks is where I had to stand. Account manager at a booth at one of the eventsThroughout the day. Often you will be put in a separate room with all suppliers. Rows of booths behind, alongside one another. Usually, visitors to the events just yet pushed along the stands just before or during the lunch because otherwise they can not get to the lunch buffet. It was horrible, all the people speak and listen to the interesting stories fixed in their minds. At that time I still smoked, occasionally I fled to go to the smoking area. Since it was always fun.Whether directors were in suits, maintenance personnel or smooth sales boys. In the smoking room everyone was equal, it was always fun and always had a chat.

Open to each other

Actually, I was always a good networker. With a cigarette in my hand in any case. Of course it was not cigarette. The point was that I felt at ease there and had no idea that there was a huge hierarchy.

The most efficient networks is I think mainly in environments where everyone is equal. Of course you have different levels of experience but if everyone is open to each other and not feel exalted above other than I think you create the optimum environment for networking. So keep on with your blablabla blablabla director of caricature. Be yourself and be open to others.


I started my blog with a list of all networking opportunities out there today. Everywhere places yourself profiling and engagen with people. What if you just do not. Most of the information you get to hear you also on the LinkedIn page of someone find or filter out the Twitter bio of someone. That is not so interesting. What is interesting is to know. The person behind the profile What are her interests? What keeps him busy? Where are their eyes twinkle? Because you're talking about that kind of subjects, often feel they're already more familiar. Networks must think also feel like building a friendship and not as hard pitch and over and over again. As you get to know each other better you will immediately leads to have with each other. Again continue conversations about each other's interests and very occasionally, as a sales question in between set and then talk about other things. Again by very quickly with each.

Social media

Social Networking
Social Networking
Social media are of course ideal for networking. You can follow people and interact with them to go. Because that's important. It is annoying when you have that never say anything to you, never respond to your tweets but suddenly or send a sales request in a DM. Followers Social media can also contribute to good networking at events. People often go to the same events every year or every month to the same meetings. Chances are high that you often encounter each other. The first time you speak to each other, it might be a bit scan and explore both sides. But immediately send a follow request for example Twitter and you get a lot more information about someone. Go to the interaction with that person, wish him a good day or even congratulate her with a running performance. The next time you speak to each other again at an event, it seems like you already know each other a bit and the conversation much easier.


Last but not least, of course, blogging. A great way to get your thoughts on paper and to vent your opinion. To profile yourself and it's a nice part of your personal branding, or that it should be in any case. Blogging is also good to talk with others to enter. They respond to your blogs where you can respond again. They send you blog through which you can thank them and ask how they can think about right away. At events people will perhaps appeal about your blog. For them a good reason to talk to you and for you both a nice base for networking.

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