11 November 2013

Setting up Custom URL in G+

       While sharing your social presence are you tired of remembering 20-25 digits :-P ?
Obliviously no one does that just copy+paste  your URL https://plus.google.com/u/0/113558110932777576250 but isnt it great if we get easy to remember URL?
       Yes! Your wait is over G+ finally come up with customized URL.
        Started from Facebook back in 2010 but now every Social media sites have customized URL, such as Twitter, youtube, Blogger, Instagram, tumblr gives you personalized experience, through your OWN customized URL which give my own online property feeling for user and experienced of having your own personalized page on the crowded internet.
Till Now every sites have personalized url G+ as usual lagging in the race giving kick ass User Interface , backed by Search giant Google and enforcing gmail user for G+ integration Plus.Google.Com is failing to engage users. Some Gmail Users think that ‘Its just another attempt by Google to entertain google lovers but eventually its following same path as Orkut, Google Buzz and Google Wave.’ But I personally feel for long run G+ is good social network as its giving you facility “All at One Place” and if you are using android phone integrating with Google account then its butter on milk.
         I always been waiting for Google to have customized URL, And wonder why G+ took so long time to come up with such stuff [Even though its copy of #Twitter and @Facebook ;-) ],  However personalizing URL is not new concept but in this tutorial we are going learn how to activate your personalized URL.

STEP 1: Login to your Google Account
Google Login
Google All in One Place Login

STEP 2: Click on +yourname or Go to Plus.Google.com

Google Plus Profile
Google Plus Profile
You will now see a similar screen as shown in the screenshot below:

STEP 3: Click Get URL button

STEP 4: Pop up will appear with your suggestion name for Customized URL
You can make changes to suggested/existing URL and save URL by clicking Change URL button.  
Google Plus Profile
Customize URL
STEP 4: It will instantly show you whether URL is available or not if its available then it will review for couple of days and then you are ready to use shorten URL by Plus.Google.Com using https://plus.google.com/+RenzilDe is much easier than   https://plus.google.com/u/0/113558110932777576250 isnt it?

P.S. Customized URL and Domain names are like beautiful girls good ones are already belongs to someone else and So one Suggestion Go Grab it before anyone else does.

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