12 November 2013

Twitter + TV Advertising Combination : an evil cooperation to spam you more

Twitter is looking increasingly combined with TV and advertisers. And that is not surprising, because we tweeting to bandied about what we see on the telly. What you may not know - but after watching the video below it - is that TwitterAds more and more can benefit from your tweets.  Not in favor of your Twitter Fun, but to make you easier to approach the advertisers. Via Twitter.

How does that work?
Twitter + TV
#Hashtag  to Broadcast

At Cannes Lions 2013 Twitter showed what they can do for advertisers. visualization with data 
Advertising Blocks commercials are broadcast before, between and after TV programs. Twitter can, along with advertisers to create a link between the commercial and the TV program where commercial 'belongs'. Twitter can also see who's on that TV program tweet. And the data they provide to advertisers, making it easier for them TV viewers also be accessed via Twitter.

Let thumbs up for creativity

Although I hate to do the most advertising, which only strengthened sit through repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition and repetition, sometimes too creative, poignant or humorous gems between. If true that parties TwitterAds step to make, it might be an addition that we have to be happy. Now it is not known exactly when this whole thing will be available in US, but there is gambled on early 2014 .
So let's start with solid thumbs for advertisers nice conversations know to crank. Those caught and let us laugh. So that we can continue to switch over to Twitter. Cheerful in commercials And let's also fingers crossed that it will take a long time for the cleaning industry has found Twitter.

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