Email Marketing a.k.a Go Green

No doubt email marketing also known as GO GREEN concept is delivering a message through an email to an individual person or a group of people. A database is required for it which comprises of a list of emails of people who either opt in for it or even if they don’t can opt out for it after receiving an un-required email. 
It is used
·        \To enhance relationship with your customer email marketing is used. 
·         To acquire new customers or maintaining rapport with the current ones email marketing can be used.
·         Or to advertise a product or service email marketing can be used.
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So basically email marketing is for trust, loyalty, brand awareness, maintains relationship etc. a lot of countries for example United states of America are expected to spend about 200 crores by 2016 on email marketing.  For it to be useful the content should be of high quality, text should be formal and the color should be matched according to the requirements. Information can be obtained to see the success of email marketing through bounce rate , conversion rate , click through rate etc.

It is certainly not the most expensive inbound strategies. It gives a high return on investment if executed properly. Its results can be measured , targeted marketing is possible by dividing the database according to the demographics , location etc. , 2 way interaction , very easy to track and most importantly has a subscribe or UN subscribe option.
Well if a thing has some advantages it also has some disadvantages like email marketing  has become an old tactic , the customers may not see the message , there is a need to work hard on the campaigns to get the required results , there will always be some glitches.

Things which need to be done are:
·         Aggressively capture email addresses.
·         Invest in a branded template.
·         Build promotional landing pages.
·         Clean up list periodically.
·         Compress the images to help email open quickly.

Things which are not supposed to be done are:
·         Spamming the list.
·         Lot of content on the email page.
·         Bad coupons.
·         Poor content.

Some of the types of email marketing are:
·         Welcome email – these are basically automated responses.

·         Educational email – they solve the problem of people whenever they have any queries.
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·         News letter email – they almost look like a newspaper and are sent to people to maintain relationships , build customer loyalty.

·         Event email – whenever a new event is coming up such type of email can be sent to people.

·         Lead nurturing email - this type of email helps you move a lead through your sales funnel, while cutting the amount of time required by a sales team to educate prospects about your services and products. 

There are a lot more to it like order status emails , shopping cart abandonment emails , re order emails , re engagement emails , birthday emails , anniversary emails etc.

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