19 November 2013

Google AdSense & Some Do’s to get approval

     Google is the biggest and the best search engine on web. Google run's one of the best revenue earning programme for blog and website holder's Google Adsense. Adsense is one of the best ad networks to monetize blog or website. It offers the publishers the highest CTR for every web page. It is 90% better than any other CPC advertising programs Google AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google. AdSense provides a way for the website owners to earn money for content on their site. Website owners can join this program to enable text, image and video advertisements on their websites.  AdSense works on the text and the images to display adds on their site according to the sites content .

     The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount you’ll earn will vary. AdSense has been particularly important for delivering advertising revenue to small websites that do not have the resources for developing advertising sales programs and sales people to generate revenue.

      Webmasters place a brief HTML code on the websites' pages according to the sites contenet and the viewers. Websites that are content-rich have been very successful with this advertising program.

Types of AdSense :-

The content based adverts are of two types CPC (cost per click) & CPM (Cost Per Mille) The ads could be in various sizes. The ads can be simple text, image, animated image, flash, video, or rich media ads. At most ad sizes, users can change whether to show both text and multimedia ads and just one of them


AdSense search allows website owners to place Google Custom Search boxes on their websites. Google shares 51% of the advertising revenue it makes from those searches with the website owner. However the publisher is paid only if the advertisements on the page are clicked


Ther is a version of AdSense that runs on RSS. AdSense for Feeds works by inserting images into a feed. When the image is displayed by a RSS reader or Web browser, Google writes the advertising content into the image that it returns.

Mobile content

Publishers generate earnings from their mobile websites using targeted Google advertisements. Technologies such as Java and Objective-C are used


AdSense for video allows publishers generate revenue from video content  using ad placements from Google's extensive advertising network including popular YouTube videos.

Some do’s to get AdSense approval :-

  • Produce quality content on the site a good and fresh content is most   likely to get approved .

  • Use keywords and use Metatags to make your site or blog search friendly

  • Take time before applying your blog or website for AdSence approval

  • Chose wisely while putting images on blog or site it should not be a copyright content

  • Design the blog or website neat and clean to get approved 

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