17 November 2013

Online Media planning

     Online media planning is not an easy task now a day with ever improving technology and various options emerging in them Market. When planning your media campaign it is important to understand the strengths of all the available formats how to capitalize them. Ensure that the message is clear across all channels. Know clearly what your goals are and help your target get to the jackpot at the end of the rainbow when your campaign is successful.

How audiences respond to them and how they can work together for marketers who want to make the most effective use of all forms of digital media from websites to online video, social media and mobile as part of an integrated campaign. To figures out how, when and where to reach consumers while keeping a constant eye on ROI.

Things to consider for media planning :-

Targeting the right customers:-

Find the pleasure and the pain—The act of buying boils down to a person striving to avoid pain or increase pleasure. Yes, even in business. Understand what hurts and what makes the prospect’s heart race.

Re-orient your language:-As soon as you find your communications creeping back in the direction of what you do, what you make and how you do business, stop. Retreat. Turn features into benefits. Turn around first and/or third person voiced propositions into a “you” statement or question.

Personalize:-Apply what you know to make your message as customized and personal as possible making changes as per customer’s requirement.

An Integrated Approach

Digital media planning and media buying strategy both encompass a constantly evolving ecosystem of bought, earned and owned media. To build connected brands there is a need of holistic approach to media planning that allows integrating all digital channels and measuring cross-channel influence.

Branding & lead Generation:-

Branding with CPM deals or creating direct lead generation and sales channels using pay-for-performance contract is a very important .Also use of affiliate marketing .Negotiate the most favourable terms for your business in relation to costs, performance & placement

Campaign Tracking, Reporting:-

Real-time tracking of click and conversion results from email, paid search, and online media campaigns is essential to online success. It can translate into tremendous savings by minimizing waste spent on non-performing impressions and placements and boost ROI by focusing funds on successful placements Track the changes that really matter. The goal is to connect with and meet the needs of your audience people and people change.

 Developing online reach and frequency is a worthy goal and promises to be useful for integrated campaigns. But developing valid reach and frequency models for the Internet is complex. Since ad servers count the number of ads that reach a target, buys are based on ad impressions, not based on site traffic. Because of this, online reach and frequency data will always be inherently different and will come from a various data solutions, such as ad server data, log files, and browser-based (cookie) information.


Number of times a person likes it or comments on it or share it on various platforms.


Advertising runs steadily and varies little compare with Flighting and Pulsing with scheduling

And at the last Measure, Optimize & Repeat :-

Creating balanced attribution models to measure the ROI of every media dollar spent. Using proprietary Connected Marketing Platform and third-party ad servers, delivering and tracking programs to optimize media spend and drive results. Together, these tools offer ongoing insights, flexible reporting and campaign forecasting, which will help in continuous re-invest by channel and placement so clients get the most result out of their online media investment.

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