14 November 2013

SEO Tips

With fall fast approaching, it is time to put our SEO white hats and review content SEO tips for upcoming season. While Google’s goal has been to eliminate spam and enhance the user’s experience by providing better content, here is a list of things to check for the fourth quarter.
SEO Tips - Chintan Chheda1.       Review your content strategy – Make it a goal to create unique and valuable content for your blog and web pages. Publish articles of up to 1000 words or more which are unique, offer value and are of proper depth, which will avoid Google’s low quality content.
2.       Review your Titles – It should not be of more than 6-8 words and should exceed 70 characters. The most important keyword should be at the beginning of the title and keywords should not be repeated.
3.       Review your description Meta tags - Meta descriptions should not exceed 156 characters as Google will cut if off after it reaches that character length. Check each page’s meta description tag to be sure that they accurately describe the content of that page.
4.       Utilize the power of Google plus - Google Plus has become a major influence in getting web pages indexed almost immediately in Google’s search results.
5.       Set up Google Authorship - After you have set up Google Plus, set up Google authorship and link it to your blog/articles. Google Authorship has significant SEO benefits including your photo being displayed in the search results.
6.       Use Google Webmaster tools – Google Webmaster tools offers a variety of reports to help you identify areas of concern.

7.       Responsive Design – Google recommends responsive design to enable your website to fit any screen size that the site is viewed in using the same URL, style sheets and HTML. 

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