31 January 2014

Back to school!!!! A business school

Have you ever wondered why is it called a school? Aren’t we grownups and doing our post graduations then why the term school??What’s the basic link??  They both impart knowledge. A school forms the foundation of our basic education; B-schools form our base for the corporate world. We all know how to behave; B-schools help us polish it in a formal and fine way. Something common between schools and B-schools is that like schools even here we have strict rules. For e.g. - being late is something not tolerated. Also even though we may not have uniforms but our attires have to be formal and business like. As in the schools, we may not have our textbooks in our bags but we do have notebooks (laptops) with us 24/7.
There are few major differences too. Like schools, here we don’t have fixed timings. Your lectures can start from 7:00 am and continue till 9:00 pm and then you may have to complete a project or an assignment of around 20-25 pages and come back in the morning at 7. Some institutes who have provisions of hostels even have event meetings at 4:00 am. So it is basically running round the clock and managing your time. Also in B-schools the kind of faculties we have are all people who have had great experience in their own fields and thus give us the insights of how it is going to be once we step out. So it is more of practical knowledge then textbook knowledge.
Either school or a B-school at the end its upto you to act like a sponge and absorb as much as you can or just sit back and see others succeed

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