Basic Expectation of Indian Car Owners

Basic Expectation of Indian Car Owners
With a majority of Indian car buyers hailing from middle class families, the demand for small and beautiful cars is going to remain evergreen.
Its ironical that people in India are Fuel Efficiency conscious even in D segment of cars. That is the reason why they prefer diesel engine cars than the petrol engine cars. Diesel cars are more preferable because they provide better mileage than petrol engines because of compression engine ration in diesel cars is higher.
Therefore, diesel engines seems more successful than petrol engines in this segment. Noting this basic expectation, Volkswagen has taken in charge. If the media reports are to be believed, the Volkswagen Rocktan might be launched with both type of powertrain i.e. petrol and diesel.
Car makers from around the globe too are in no way hesitating to attract the Indian buyer with their diesel engine fuel efficient car offerings.
Another major expectation of Indian car owners is the After Sales Services provided by the manufacturers, though now a days its provided by every manufacturer in India, the expectation level has risen to ‘Who provided the Best After Sales Services’ , i.e. providing extra polishing, extra dusting of car seats, decorating with extra accessories without the inclusion in the final costs. The manufacturers are keeping in concern for every petty thing that may attract and cherish their customers.
At the national level, the customers in the relatively larger cities are more satisfied than those in the smaller cities. This may be a reflection of the growing expectations in the smaller cities. The manufacturers will do well to understand those. The customer expectations even at the bottom end are rising.

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