24 January 2014

Digital Marketing in India

After internet being a success in technology era now there something more which is new in the this era is Digital Marketing.
As we all know that internet is booming these days especially in India, earlier internet or broadband connection was limited to urban cities only in India but now in current situation with the help of mobile technology internet is being used in many rural part of country also.
Digital marketing is giving tough to traditional marketing also in India. It becomes difficult through traditional marketing to reach masses in India but with the ease of mobile technology we can reach out masses in simple way.
Types of Digital Marketing :-
1.       Online marketing – Studies shows that people in India now are moving to search engine or other forums before they buy any product or we can say they do their research on any product on a click of button.
2.       Social Media – People in India nearly spends 50 mins of day on average on social media but in India , facebook is more in use.
3.       Video marketing – From the time of traditional marketing audio visual plays important in eye catching for any product.
4.       Mobile Marketing – Simplest way of marketing in this era is mobile marketing easy to reach to masses.
5.       Website Development.
6.       Email Marketing.
7.       SEM.
8.       SEO.

Digital Marketing contains both form of traditional Marketing PUSH AND PULL method :-
1.       Push method :- In this method we reach to masses by sms , mails , rss and many other method.
2.       Pull method :- In this method , we make consumers to reach us through SEO, Display ads etc.
There are many other ways in Digital Marketing which is in process to get develop in India. According to recent reports 49% of people in urban prefer online shopping and due to this effect FLIPKART is  now trying to match India’s big software giant INFOSYS.

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