31 January 2014

First Day

The day finally comes when you step in the institute you most desire. May it be an IIM or S.P. Jain or in my case MET. It’s not that different from your first day of school. It’s just without all that emotional outburst which we experience as kids. You may look all calm and confident from the outside but may experience little butterflies in your stomach. Butterflies not of nervousness but excitement; excitement of what would happen next, excitement of you reaching one step closer of attaining your ultimate goal, excitement of  proving yourself in front of your parents or peers, excitement of you making new set of friends, and so on and so forth. For the ones getting in an institute directly from graduation it’s time for rolling up their sleeves after all the fun they had in the past 5 years and for the ones who have had work experience it’s time for polishing their skills.
Entering the seminar hall or auditorium where the orientation is going to start we look around for friendly faces. We try to judge others by the look on their face and in our mind we all are like no, she seems to be so serious, and oh no he seems to be so boring etc. and then finally sit somewhere that we think to be the safest. Then we have this new set of queries in our head... Should I be the first one to strike a conversation or should I wait, Should I be witty or keep my thoughts and comments to myself, Should I be myself or pretend to be different..  What we don’t realize is that the person sitting next to us feels the same way and has the same sort of fears or thoughts.
While these things are going on in our head the orientation starts and suddenly we get too engrossed in the same. While the introduction about the college is going on we somehow feel proud of being there and our dreams start moving in front of our eyes. At that moment we are enthusiastic about everything. We would even run a marathon if asked for.   At the end of it we are even more excited for the coming days ... The question that arises at the end is “are those expectations met”?

(To be continued in the next article.)

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