31 January 2014

How online marketing help in Business and is effective - Part 1

The world is growing at 3g speed so as in field of marketing field also. From traditional way to online way of marketing. In this world of advance technology people are moving so fast they hardly have time to go for traditional marketing. There are few points to show that how online marketing is different and effective from traditional.

Strategy is the main word in marketing by which we can take business to great success and now success can be measured.

Reason 1:-  You can save your money.

The main purpose of any business is to make money and money is life of business without money business cant be run effectively. 
Earlier marketers used to advertise their ads on papers and they used to spend lot of money for small ads on paper which could go into lakhs also at times. But due to online marketing that money is saved to a extent by making website or blogsite.

Reason 2 :- You can connect directly with your customers
As we are aware that many of brands are moving into social media to have direct access to customer and know about their product.
Customers now express their views on social media sites and brand marketing team can have track on them and work on it as it is require.

Reason 3:- Online marketing is measureable.

After you do any advertisement on paper you cannot track that how many of them actually saw your ads. In online marketing you can track each and everything and at times you can pay it accordingly.
There are many free websites which can give you information about your website and your traffic control and with timings and country.

Reason 4:- You can add videos

In traditional marketing video and paper hardly go in hand in hand but in online marketing both can go with same time and you can actually use many videos where you don’t have to pay as much you pay on TV. Here you can change your video as many times you want and you can measure also and spend accordingly to target customers.

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