31 January 2014

Life in a B-School!! simple or complex it’s what you make out of it

First day of college and we realize what’s going on around us. As the course progresses the question that arises in our head is ‘Did we actually get everything that we bargained for?’ The answer to that may be simple. In today’s world, the competition is severe (severe here is an understatement) and the opportunities are scarce. So, at the end it depends on us what we make out of it. Getting an MBA degree is not a short cut to become successful, it’s just one of the pathways which, with hard work and dedication may further lead to something big.
Also, hard work and dedication is not something that we require only after we get placed and start working, it begins from the day the induction is over and the lectures begin. First year of the course gives a small glimpse of all the streams i.e. HR, Marketing, Finance Operations and others (if any). It helps us surpass all our prejudices of a subject, know about it and then decide what we actually want to do. To get a better understanding of the subject in such a short span, the professors give us real life examples from their own work experiences along with case studies so that we get a better picture.
The professors may seem all friendly on day one but gradually we see them as our worst enemies (though they do nothing to deserve that tag). A regular day comprises minimum of 4 to 5 lectures of around two hours each and then we would have all sorts of assignments, presentations and deadlines to meet. What we don’t realize is that our professors just try to train us by building that pressure so that we are habitual to it after 2 years.  Our mistakes are still considered and corrected in a nice and subtle manner in the institute but out in the corporate world that may not be the case. We may end up being sacked for a small mistake. Some of the lessons we learn now may help us then even without us realizing it. For instance coming on time is what is required and made mandatory here but that makes us more punctual in life and thus makes us a professional.

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” This saying is not only for our childhood but for throughout our lives. The meaning of play may vary a little though. Along with studies we may also have to look into other things like sports or cultural fests or something else. It’s just how well we juggle all these things together and still manage to stay focused. But that doesn't mean that we should just focus on one thing and leave all the other things. The secret behind the same is setting of priorities. At the end it’s a management course which means we have to manage all the things together and yet maintain a balance in our life. 

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